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Badge Drop #10: Introducing REVIEW REVIEWER!

Fri, 08/17/2018 - 5:57pm by andrewjmac

We all know how those long days of summer can fry the brain and get you thinking that summertime--and therefore SUMMER GAME--will go on forever.  We here at the Summer Game Home Office have news to deliver to you:  NUH-UH.  Sorry, but the end of Summer Game fast approacheth.  And it approachethes even faster with this, now the ANTEPENULTIMATE [from the Latin ante (your uncle's wife) + pen (a place where pigs are kept) + ultimate (a frisbee game from gym class)] BADGE DROP POST!

BUT DON'T FREAK OUT!  You've still got TWO WHOLE WEEKS to rack up points to spend in the AMAZING SUMMER GAME SHOP!  The only question is HOW will you rack those points up?  We assume by collecting codes, earning badges, writing reviews, rating items in the catalog, oh, and...

REVIEWING REVIEWS WITH THE ALL-NEW REVIEW REVIEWER!  That's right, the REVIEW REVIEWER is finally here and ready to gather your feedback on tens of thousands of reviews from the AADL catalog.  Where can you get to this wonderful machine?  Why, right here, or on the handy POINTS-O-MATIC link in the Quick Links menu!

But what, EXACTLY, is this Review Reviewer asking you to DO?  Pretty simple:  it shows you a review at random and you tell us if we should Keep It (when it's a fine review, no problems), Trash It (when it is garbage that doesn't tell you anything about the item or its quality), or if THIS IS AMAZING ('s...AMAZING, did I have to spell that one out?).  By reviewing reviews, you will be helping clear out garbage reviews from the AADL catalog, helping reward writers of AMAZING REVIEWS with the HUGE 500 POINT AMAZING REVIEW BONUS, and earning points for yourself to go toward that umbrella or hat or giraffe or whatever!  The Review Reviewer works by going with the consensus opinion about what category reviews fall into, so no one person can get good reviews tossed out or award that HUGE BONUS to those who might not deserve it.

Here Comes the Sun BearHere Be HerculesMeet Trisha! Hot WheelsHoop There It IsGastropod SquadHawkguyInca-n't EvenLet's Go to the TapeShapewreckCirque Du Foul PlayHumans to MarsThe Wizard of Oz

So let's review: with the weeks left at two, the best thing to do is get you viewing the queue of reviews in the new Review Reviewer!  I knew you could do it!

Thanks for playing!


When I click on "THIS IS AMAZING" as a review reviewer, I get a message saying that "the website encountered an unexpected error, please try again later". Just thought you'd want to know.

Agreed that the "this is amazing" button produces an error. And there are a few amazing reviews out there, too. Wish we could label them as such

Are the amazing review points going to get added at the end of the Summer Game? Or after a critical mass of evaluations?

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