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The Paper Caper

This week's topic may hit a little close to home for some, but at least it didn't kill anyone! Though it it still RIDICULOUS and NEEDS TO BE TALKED ABOUT. We're going to enter into the mid 20th century and talk about...PAPER CLOTHING!

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I actually had a paper dress when I was little! It was a gift. I put it on and then worried about rain and rips. It came folded in a little packet and needed ironing. But the flower power print was great! So glad this was a badge- no one believed me that paper dresses existed.

I can't solve the third clue. I know the artist and I know the "souper dress." Feel like I'm missing something. And thanks to Sara for reminding me about paper clothing in our lifetimes. I remember paper dresses when I was a child. I couldn't understand them, though. :-)

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