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Do you like PUZZLES? How about the SUMMER GAME SHOP? And surely, if you're still with us here in the closing days of AUGUST, you must just love CAPITAL LETTERS. Right? Hello? Well, we've got a doozy for you. To succeed here, you won't have to do too much hunting around, but you'd better follow these instructions CAREFULLY or you'll get hopelessly, frustratingly lost, and nobody wants that! So:

Everybody loves those zany SHOP DESCRIPTIONS, so we thought we'd hit you HARDCORE PUZZLERS with a badge that uses them as its playground. There are 12 required codes, and then you just need any 1 of the 4 bonus codes to earn this badge.

Each clue will lead you to an item in the 2018 Summer Game Shop using an "If only..." phrase that appears in one shop description. Find the item each clue leads to... and then it gets tricky. Each "If only" clause is immediately followed by a "and suddenly" clause. Using ONLY THE CAPITAL LETTERS in the "and suddenly" clause each clue leads you to... you can use the NODE NUMBER at the end of that item's URL (web address) to figure out a 6-letter code for each item the clues lead you to.

If only you could see the node number in all newfangled browsers, and suddenly FIGURE OUT the GAME CODES for each item!

For example, this badge's node number is 380592. You can see it in the address bar. Using the digits in the node number, count that many CAPITAL LETTERS in the "and suddenly" clause in the shop description each clue leads to. Skip spaces or punctuation. If a digit is zero, repeat the last letter. If you run out of letters, start over with the capital letters in that "and suddenly" clause.

SO, if you were looking for the code for this node (380592), you would first count 3 capital letters in the and suddenly clause, for a first letter of G. Then count 8 more capital letters from G, to get A. The next digit is Zero so count Zero more letters and repeat A. Then count 5 letters to get you to D. Then 9 letters to get back to O, because when you run out of caps in the and suddenly clause, you loop back around to the beginning capital and keep counting. So starting from the D, number 2 is S at the end of CODES, and number 3 is the F at the beginning of FIGURE, because you looped back around. Do you see? Then 2 more after O for your final letter, T. So your code would be GAADOT. Why, that's almost a Wonder Woman!

BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT the 12 item codes, make sure you understand how to use the NODE NUMBER and the AND SUDDENLY CLAUSE of this page to get a 6-letter game code... you won't get anywhere without it!

Then, once you've found all 12 item codes, you'll have a NEW PUZZLE. To solve the last 4 codes, lay out your 12 item codes in order to make a table with 6 columns and 12 rows. Label the columns with letters starting with A, and label the rows with numbers starting with 1. You'll need this coordinate system to figure out the last 4 codes, but you only need 1 to get the badge!

You wanted a satisfying challenge... hopefully this is it! HAVE FUN and THANKS FOR PLAYING!

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I’m stuck on the 13th code! I’m pretty sure I’m looking for the right 4-letter country, but somehow my coordinates aren’t working out. What does “going straight down” in the clue mean? Going down column A, then column B, etc., or across row 1, and then each row? Also, I wish we could see the clues for the other 3 since we only need one of them.

This was a ton of fun!!! Thanks for mixing it up a bit! Will Short has nothing on the AADL Summer Game Team!!!

I am really stumped on that last bonus code! I can't think of an 8-letter word for forgetful or absent-minded! Am I going down the right track, at least?

I had trouble with that one too! I ended up just staring at my grid until I found part of the word and realized what it was.

Stuck with the last one....there seems to be more than one possibility...or I am looking at the wrong word...

can someone give an example of how to input the coordinates in for the code? I have figured out a few of the 4, but I'm not understanding how to type in the coordinates.

I LOVED this badge! It was really challenging, but I hung in there, and kept my patience and stamina, and I got them all! It was really fun and a great challenge. Very clever puzzles to put together, and the wording to the Shop Items is SO funny and very clever, too. Thank you.

I didn't care for this game but kudos to the person who put this together. It obviously took some work. great job!


★★★★ 4 of out 4 difficulty

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