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Solar System Ambassadors

And now, oh yes it is SHAMELESS PLUG TIME. Did you know that NASA has a group of stellar volunteers waiting around every virtual corner to jump at the chance to thrill you with NASA knowledge? We are the occasionally requested, rarely known, super geeked Solar System Ambassadors! Sadly, we are NOT the ones who get to greet off-world aliens should they ever visit us. No, the Solar System Ambassadors (SSA) program works in the opposite direction of what you expect from the name. We are Ambassadors FROM NASA TO our local communities. The mission of the SSA program is to empower "motivated volunteers across the nation to share the latest science and discoveries of NASA's missions through a variety of events that inspire their communities." HENCE this entire badge series!

Now that you know WHO we are, let's make sure you know HOW to get a hold of us! We love hearing from our communities, especially if you have an event you want us to help you with! Without further ado, let's introduce you to five SSAs in the Southeastern Michigan area who are here for you! You will be using the SSA directory at for all codes in this badge.

This badge series was created by Jennifer German, NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador to Ann Arbor, with help from her daughter Amber.

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Great badge! And thank you Jennifer, who helped introduce us to just a few locals who are super- enthusiastic space and sky fans. Look up!

Jennifer German, this was my favorite badge series. I learned a ton of fascinating NASA facts. I would love to be your neighbor!


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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