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WAPUR Robot Championships


Sunday December 16, 2018: 12:00pm to 6:00pm


Downtown Library: 1st Floor Lobby, Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room, Downtown Library: Secret Lab

For Whom

Grade 6-Adult


WAPUR is WAshtenaw Pick Up Robotics, where High School Robotics teams have just a few weeks to design and build a robot to compete against robots from other schools! Featuring teams from Huron, Skyline, Pioneer, and many more local High Schools, WAPUR will take over the Downtown Library lobby for their 5th annual event as teams of large robots face off in competitive matches all day long, culminating in a championship round at the end of the day!

Near the end of the afternoon, Ann Arbor area tech titans Dug Song (Duo Security) and Joe Malcoun (Cahoots and Nutshell) will team up to compete against some of the robotics teams in attendance to see if they can best these robotic whiz kids.

This is a great spectator event for anyone who's into robotics or wants to know more about FIRST ( ), the organizers of competitive robotics at the Elementary, Middle, and High School Levels. Don't miss it!

WAPUR Championship