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MeLCat is Back!

Mon, 10/01/2018 - 9:37am by eli

We are so pleased to announce that MeLCat interlibrary loan is back up and running! You can browse the catalog of all participating libraries in Michigan and request an item to be sent to your AADL pickup location of choice.

Once you've placed a request with MeLCat, the request will show up at the bottom of your aadl myaccount page, along with a link to MyMelCat where you can cancel your request if you'd like.

While your pending requests won't show your pickup location, rest assured it was set, and the item will be sent to your pickup location when it arrives. You can see the pickup location in MyMelCat to be sure.

You'll get an email notification when your MeLCat request is ready for pickup, and you'll have 10 days to pick it up. MeLCat checkouts show on your myaccount page along with the due date and a link to MyMelCat where you can renew your MeLCat checkouts. MeLCat items can only be renewed once, and they can not be renewed once they're a week overdue.

MeLCat items are held behind the desk at your pickup point; just ask there when you've received the notification that it's ready for pickup.

As a thank you for your patience during this extended service outage, you'll receive a MeLCat canvas totebag when you pick up your first MeLCat checkout! Limit 1 per person, while supplies last.

Please just contactus if you have any questions or run into any trouble with MeLCat; there will certainly be some bugs to sort out as we get back into the swing of things with this service. Thank you so much for your patience during this long year without MeLCat, and thanks for using your library!



Hello AADL,

I have made 5 IIL requests in the past month and I have received back email confirmations for each of these 4 requests. But they do not show up in my account. Can you please update me on the status of these 5 IIL requests? Thank you

And, don't worry, the return of MelCat will NOT include A/V materials which will keep our collection safe. Also, other state libraries will not have to worry about their collection being damaged by AADL users. Everybody wins!

I don't understand this comment.

How does not including A/V material keep our collection safe? Aren't books more important than the A/V collection, so if you wanted to keep anything safe, wouldn't it be the books?

Personally, I wish I COULD borrow AV from other Michigan libraries! As fine as the AADL collection is, not everything is available here.

I see MelCat has been suspended again. When will it be coming back on line?

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