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Smell & Tell | A Taste of Honey


Wednesday May 22, 2019: 6:30pm to 8:45pm


Downtown Library: 4th Floor Meeting Room


"Honey is either the exudation of the sky or a sort of sap of stars,

or a juice released by the air." —Pliny the Elder

Say the word “honey” and memories of its sweet lingering finish on the tongue spark cravings for a beloved ambrosial delicacy that’s the quintessence of symbiosis. Bees drink the nectar of flowers and gather pollen for their colony, simultaneously pollinating flowers in the process. It’s nature’s love story—and we get to taste it with every drop of honey.

Bees that feed on a predominant nectar source produce monofloral honey. The taste, smell and mouthfeel of these singular types of honeys are unique and can be enjoyed like fine wines. Anyone can learn how to describe what they’re sensing when they taste monofloral honey. All that’s needed is an evaluative mindset, a sense of adventure and a willingness to learn the language of honey evaluation.

The Honey Flavor and Aroma Wheel is a tool developed by the UC Davis Honey and Pollination Center, and supports a sensory language for honey. We’ll use this tool to develop a deeper understanding of how taste, smell and mouthfeel work together to support flavor. If you’ve attended a Smell & Tell in the past you’ll find the flavor evaluation process similar to scent evaluation. That’s because taste, smell and mouthfeel work together to produce flavor.

The Smell and Tell series of art+science programming is led by Michelle Krell Kydd, a trained nose in flavors and fragrance who shares her passion for gastronomy and the perfume arts on Glass Petal Smoke. Smell & Tell builds community through interactions with flavor, fragrance and storytelling. The Smell & Tell series began in 2012 and is ongoing.

Taste of Honey is a primer for an exciting new series called Taste & Tell. The first two Taste and Tell events will take place at eating and drinking establishments in Ann Arbor, Michigan. One of the events will take place at Bløm Meadworks, which uses honey to make delightful and refreshing session meads. The Taste & Tell programs will be free, but those wishing to have a taste can do so for a nominal fee. Must be 21+ to attend the Bløm Meadworks event . Stay tuned!