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The Subspace Key-tar

This key unlocks a treasure-filled Quest hidden on the Badge page! But first you'll have to find this Key(tar)—and the Gate it unlocks!—hidden inside different items in the AADL Catalog.

To begin playing, use the riddle (and the web!) to figure out which item in the AADL Catalog hides The Subspace Key-tar!

This story is about a guy,
Just him vs. the World.
One night he fell in like
With an Amazonian girl.

She came with lots of baggage:
Seven exes in a row.
This Zero had to beat them 
To become her latest beau. 

When you've figured out which item this riddle is about, search for it in the catalog to find The Subspace Key-tar and a clue to find your first game code!

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Help! I don't know what I missed that I didn't get the first clue for this. I put in the movie name, the guy's name, and the girl's name...nada.

Are you putting in movie/guy/girl names as codes or are you looking in the catalog? Look in the catalog. When you find the correct item, scroll down and after the summary you will see another clue to solve. That is your game code.

The first code is the answer to the riddle in a real library item. The second code is the answer to the riddle in a fake library item. Trying to give a hint without giving too much away! Also, zoom in on the keytar for additional hints in the picture.

I found the code for the gate by accident, not by solving the first riddle, I guess. And when I zoom in on the Key-tar, I only see numbers/letters (three of them) that what I'm supposed to be looking at? Ugh! So hard!

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