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Cultivating the Genius of Black Children


Monday March 4, 2019: 7:00pm to 8:30pm


Pittsfield Branch: Program Room


Much attention has been given to the opportunity gap between white and minority students, especially African-American children. Using research and years of experience, author and educator Dr. Debra Sullivan breaks down the cultural influences on learning style and provides a practical approach to helping black children thrive in the classroom. 

For black children, defined as those of African descent, there is a disconnect between learning preferences and learning environments that must be bridged before the achievement gap can be closed. This lecture is filled with effective strategies and best practices to help early childhood educators expand their “toolbox” to include strategies and approaches specifically directed to supporting black children.

Dr. Sullivan's book, Cultivating the Genius of Black Children: Strategies to Close the Achievement Gap in the Early Years, will be available for purchase.

Cultivating the Genius of Black Children