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Special AADL Board of Trustees Meeting - November 14, 2018

Wed, 11/14/2018 - 11:09am

When: November 14, 2018 at Downtown Conference Room A

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 1:30 p.m.

Special AADL Board Meeting-Downtown Library, 4th Floor Conference Room A

1. Update on Bid Results for the Public Meeting Spaces in AADL Branches Project

2. Approval to Expand Public Meeting Spaces in AADL Branches Project Scope to Include Flooring


  • [00:00:04.26] SPEAKER 1: Ann Arbor District Library board of trustees meeting, special session.
  • [00:00:09.63] JAMIE VANDER BROEK: OK, cool. So just calling everyone to order. So I'm sure attendance is all set. Is there a motion to approve the agenda?
  • [00:00:18.89] JAN BARNEY NEWMAN: To move.
  • [00:00:20.19] COLLEEN SHERMAN: Second.
  • [00:00:21.13] JAMIE VANDER BROEK: All those in favor?
  • [00:00:22.06] ALL: Aye.
  • [00:00:24.06] JAMIE VANDER BROEK: OK, we have no citizens to comment, unless you all-- no? All right, update on the bid results for the branch meeting rooms projects. Glenn.
  • [00:00:37.64] LEN LEMORIE: Good afternoon. So in April, we had the resolution to relocate the balance of the funds from the MSE project. Yesterday we had the bid opening for the meeting room project. And we came back well under budget. So we're really happy about that.
  • [00:00:56.06] We added some things and worked diligently with the architect of the design to match everything in the building. So right now we're really happy. So we can start planning and scheduling some of the closures for definitely after the first of the year. But I guess the good news is we're well under budget.
  • [00:01:14.58]
  • [00:01:14.90] VICTORIA GREEN: Len, can back you us up and remind us which branches?
  • [00:01:18.30] LEN LEMORIE: Yes, absolutely. So Pittsfield, Traverwood, Malletts Creek, they will all have meeting rooms added to them. And we had the slides at the meeting in April, where we got to see where they are. I think it's at Pittsfield, there'll be three meeting rooms. At Malletts Creek there will be two meeting rooms. And at Traverwood there'll be one meeting room.
  • [00:01:39.50] COLLEEN SHERMAN: And we decided glass walls, right?
  • [00:01:41.78] LEN LEMORIE: Yes, absolutely. And it'll match the existing glass because there's a different hue. One branch-- or two are blue, and one is green, if I remember right.
  • [00:01:50.86] LINH SONG: Do we have a sense of how many meetings that we're missing out on scheduling, or do we have a wait list? Or do we have-- I'm just wondering--
  • [00:01:58.93] LEN LEMORIE: Not unlike the branches currently because they're not able to book. It'd be hard to track. Without the ability to book space in that manner, I think it'd be hard to say what we're actually missing out on.
  • [00:02:13.67] JAN BARNEY NEWMAN: Will each building be closed entirely while the renovations are being made?
  • [00:02:20.30] LEN LEMORIE: Yes, for part of--
  • [00:02:21.32] JAN BARNEY NEWMAN: But will that be done all three at the same time?
  • [00:02:23.63] LEN LEMORIE: No, we will not close more than one at a time. So that's part of the coming up with a good construction schedule so we know which one we should start first, and then how that'll lay out. But no, we won't close two branches at the same time.
  • [00:02:37.07] JAN BARNEY NEWMAN: And what will be the order of the closing?
  • [00:02:39.83] LEN LEMORIE: We're not sure yet.
  • [00:02:40.58] JAN BARNEY NEWMAN: Oh, I see.
  • [00:02:41.36] LEN LEMORIE: No, we're not sure yet.
  • [00:02:42.31] VICTORIA GREEN: And the bids you're looking at are for all three branches.
  • [00:02:45.50] LEN LEMORIE: Yes.
  • [00:02:45.76] VICTORIA GREEN: You're not separating them out.
  • [00:02:46.73] LEN LEMORIE: No. It made more sense. It was cost effective for one contractor to get the work at all three branches versus breaking it up. And the cost would have been significantly more.
  • [00:02:57.74] JAN BARNEY NEWMAN: And who are the contractors? You've told us.
  • [00:03:00.10] LEN LEMORIE: I don't have the list of contractors in front of me because the bid opening was yesterday.
  • [00:03:03.80] JAN BARNEY NEWMAN: Oh, sure.
  • [00:03:04.88] LEN LEMORIE: I'll be able to get that to you. I was able to compile enough to give our budgets and that. So we just wanted to turn this around pretty quick.
  • [00:03:12.13] JOSIE PARKER: O'Neill is construction manager. So O'Neill manages the contractors, not the libraries. That's why we don't have today, a contractor list.
  • [00:03:22.12] LEN LEMORIE: That's a good point. Since we're under contract with the resolution, in April, when we approved the funds, we hired a construction manager. They stayed within their original construction estimate. So moving forward, technically the subs work for them. And O'Neill pays the subcontractors. So we'll never have another contract with another vendor during this project. It'll be with our construction managers only.
  • [00:03:44.75] VICTORIA GREEN: Thank you.
  • [00:03:45.44] COLLEEN SHERMAN: So the reason for the special meeting is to expand the branch meeting rooms project scope to include flooring.
  • [00:03:50.98] LEN LEMORIE: Yes
  • [00:03:51.26] COLLEEN SHERMAN: So we didn't have that as part of the initial scope when we approved it in April?
  • [00:03:56.24] LEN LEMORIE: We did not. We had in our budget to replace carpet at Malletts Creek and Traverwood. And then when we really dove into this project, and we knew there were closures coming, it made sense to add the flooring to the [INAUDIBLE] work. So we didn't have two closings at the same branch. So it just kind of happened as the project moved forward.
  • [00:04:13.91] COLLEEN SHERMAN: And you just need us to approve this because it exceeds the threshold in terms of--
  • [00:04:18.54] LEN LEMORIE: --of $32,000. And it's gone to bid. It's part of this.
  • [00:04:23.03] COLLEEN SHERMAN: So you can't tell us what it's going to be. But--
  • [00:04:25.86] LEN LEMORIE: I can.
  • [00:04:26.93] COLLEEN SHERMAN: Oh, you can?
  • [00:04:27.72] LEN LEMORIE: Yeah. So the flooring piece of this was $130,000 for all branches.
  • [00:04:33.80] JAN BARNEY NEWMAN: Is this carpeting everywhere or hard floor?
  • [00:04:36.53] LEN LEMORIE: This is-- well, it's basically matching what we have. So if it's hard floor, it's hard floor. If it's carpet, it's carpet but matching existing.
  • [00:04:43.85] JAN BARNEY NEWMAN: Did I get them the number of rooms right? At Malletts Creek was three or two?
  • [00:04:49.81] LEN LEMORIE: Two at Malletts, three at Pittsfield, one at Traverwood.
  • [00:04:55.73] JAMIE VANDER BROEK: So this is just replacing flooring within the meeting room space or more flooring?
  • [00:05:00.53] LEN LEMORIE: No, the entire branch. Last fiscal year we had a closure for Pittsfield for one week.
  • [00:05:05.36] JAMIE VANDER BROEK: Right, yeah.
  • [00:05:05.78] LEN LEMORIE: We replaced the carpet.
  • [00:05:06.89] JAMIE VANDER BROEK: So it's the same thing?
  • [00:05:08.24] LEN LEMORIE: The same thing, it just made more sense to put the flooring as part of this project when we had the closure.
  • [00:05:13.64] VICTORIA GREEN: And so the point is that we'll continue to call it the branch meeting rooms project, but it's really the branch meeting rooms project and carpet replacement for two branches.
  • [00:05:21.78] LEN LEMORIE: Yes. And now the funds will come from a different place. One's our capital outlay fund, which was approved as part of the budget, which you've already approved.
  • [00:05:30.35] [INTERPOSING VOICES]
  • [00:05:30.89] LEN LEMORIE: Yeah. And then the media room project will be paid out of the capital fund, which was the balance from the MSE project. So the funds are available and approved. So we're not actually asking for additional funding, just to expand.
  • [00:05:43.37] VICTORIA GREEN: And put it under the O'Neill umbrella.
  • [00:05:45.47] LEN LEMORIE: Yes. And it exceeded the threshold of $32,000.
  • [00:05:50.84] COLLEEN SHERMAN: I suggest that the board resolves to expand the branch meeting rooms project scope to include flooring, that all resolutions and parts of resolutions that conflict with the provisions of this resolution are rescinded. Did I do that correctly?
  • [00:06:05.93] JAMIE VANDER BROEK: Absolutely. Is there a second?
  • [00:06:08.34] JAN BARNEY NEWMAN: Second.
  • [00:06:09.68] JAMIE VANDER BROEK: All right, is there any further discussion?
  • [00:06:12.38] LINH SONG: How long is the lifespan on the flooring?
  • [00:06:15.81] LEN LEMORIE: Most commercial carpet or flooring, they'll say 25 years. But it all depends on how you take care of it and the traffic of the building. Honestly, commercial carpet, if you think you're getting 25 years, you have to shampoo it monthly. There's a lot.
  • [00:06:30.81] If you were to call the manufacturer in and go by warranty, they would make you jump through hoops. They say 25 years. I think 10 to 15, with the use of our buildings, is realistic. And we do quarterly carpet cleaning. And then Westgate we do monthly because of the traffic. So we're doing our part. But I think 10 to 15, 18 years, depending on what product it is, I think that's fair, even though the manufacturer would say more.
  • [00:06:57.11] JOSIE PARKER: And the flooring-- I'll just say this, the flooring in all of them is original.
  • [00:07:01.26] LEN LEMORIE: Yes.
  • [00:07:02.87] JOSIE PARKER: It goes back to 2004, Traverwoods 2008. And we replaced Pittsfield's, and it was a 2006 building.
  • [00:07:11.76] LEN LEMORIE: We're right in that lifecycle.
  • [00:07:13.15] COLLEEN NEWMAN: Do you know what the lifespan of this carpet is in this building? Because this building, the carpet always looks a little bit--
  • [00:07:18.68] [INTERPOSING VOICES]
  • [00:07:21.79] JOSIE PARKER: Which section?
  • [00:07:21.83]
  • [00:07:21.90] VICTORIA GREEN: This first floor's looking a little shabby.
  • [00:07:24.08] JOSIE PARKER: First floor is going to be replaced.
  • [00:07:25.64] LEN LEMORIE: We actually had two bids back on the first floor right now, waiting on a third. So there will be a board meeting coming up where there would be approval for that, for as far as approving the vendor because that also was included in capital outlay to be done this year. Yeah, the first floor and the second floor need to be redone. This, I believe is, from '91.
  • [00:07:45.50] COLLEEN SHERMAN: It's vintage.
  • [00:07:46.78] JOSIE PARKER: And it'll be replaced too.
  • [00:07:48.88] LEN LEMORIE: Yes.
  • [00:07:49.40] JOSIE PARKER: The first floor, I'm thinking, Eli, that's been replaced since I've been working here, which is under 20 years. But it's that floor that gets all the traffic.
  • [00:08:01.52] [INTERPOSING VOICES]
  • [00:08:05.75] VICTORIA GREEN: Are we ready to vote on the resolution?
  • [00:08:07.85] JAMIE VANDER BROEK: I think so. Any further discussion? OK, all those in favor?
  • [00:08:12.44] ALL: Aye.
  • [00:08:14.01] JAMIE VANDER BROEK: I think that was unanimous. Yeah? OK. All right, thank you very much.
  • [00:08:19.76] LEN LEMORIE: All right, you guys have a great day. Thank you so much.
  • [00:08:22.86] JAMIE VANDER BROEK: We're adjourned.
  • [00:08:23.66] SPEAKER 1: This program was recorded on November 14, 2018 at the Ann Arbor District Library.
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November 14, 2018 at Downtown Conference Room A

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