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Nerd Nite Ann Arbor


Thursday February 21, 2019: 7:00pm to 9:30pm


LIVE 102 S First Street

For Whom

Adults 21+


NNA2 wants to know: How sturdy is YOUR skeleton?!!? No idea? Well, chemistry grad student Isabel Colon-Bernal will help clue you in. Assistant professor of Slavic languages and literatures Ania Aizman will be laying out the intersection of art and anarchy and if you’re wondering where we could possibly be going next, neuroscience grad student Sharena Rice will be our guide through the labyrinth of brain functions that results in navigation. It’s going to be nerdy, it’s going to be night, it’s going to be all the things you ever dreamed Nerd Nite A2 could be! Hope you can join us for another great NNA2.

Nerd Nite A2 is a gathering of, well, nerds, who meet up in a bar (Live on First St.) for informal, entertaining, but really informative talks by 3 different experts on 3 different subjects. Talks are about 20 minutes in length, and topics that have been featured include: Time Traveling Vikings: the many-layered subgenres of romance novels, Film Cat-alogue: a hiss-tory of felines in meow-vies, Bonkers Borders: crazy ex(clav)es, drunken surveyors, and Uzbecki seas, The Science of Consciousness, and MANY more! 

Doors open at 6:30, speakers start at 7 pm. Come on out, grab a drink, grab a seat, and learn some awesome new junk with other friendly nerds! Mark your calendars and spread the word! More information available at or on Twitter @nerdniteA2.


Nerd Nite