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Ann Arbor Wayzgoose & Printing Festival | Patricia A. Cost: Puzzles, Type Revivals, and Getting to Know the Bentons


Friday October 11, 2019: 5:10pm to 6:00pm


Clark Library, University of Michigan (Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library, 2nd Floor)


Patricia A. Cost from the Rochester Institute of Technology discusses her book The Bentons:  How an American Father and Son Changed the Printing IndustryThis story of the lives and work of Linn Boyd Benton and Morris Fuller Benton is an important chapter in the history of type, recalling a time in American history when men quietly worked at developing and improving mechanical technologies that they thought would continue evolving incrementally into the future. This event will be held offsite at the University of Michigan Clark Library, on the 2nd floor of the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library.  

This event is part of the 2019 Ann Arbor Wayzgoose & Printing Festival, October 11-12th.

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