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The Star-Crossed Key

This key unlocks a treasure-filled Quest hidden on the Badge page! But first you'll have to find the Key—and the Gate it unlocks!—hidden inside different items in the AADL Catalog.  

To begin playing, use the riddle (and the web!) to figure out which item in the AADL Catalog hides The Star-Crossed Key!

Two soldiers met in combat, but a star-crossed love took shape.
And then one night
They ditched the fight
And planned a grand escape.

They had with them a baby Wreath and Landfall called a curse
and chose to leave,
for distant Cleave
across the universe.

When you've figured out which item this riddle is about, search for it in the catalog to find The Star-Crossed Key and a clue to crack your first game code!

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I thought this is about a teen book/love story and checked all results but nothing is working ! can anyone give me some clue/hint please?

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