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Treasure Quest #3: Galaxy Quest!

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 9:00am by nicole

Another key has landed--this one travelled quite a way
to land inside our catalog so you've got games to play.
We plucked it from the stars and hid it somewhere you can't see.
To find your treasures you'll have to explore the galaxy!


The Star-Crossed Key

Somewhere in the vast catalog an interstellar Key has appeared! The hunt for The Star-Crossed Key begins now!

Two soldiers met in combat, but a star-crossed love took shape.
And then one night
They ditched the fight
And planned a grand escape.

They had with them a baby Wreath and Landfall called a curse
and chose to leave,
for distant Cleave
across the universe.


Click on the image to get started searching for this Key (and the Gate!), or do something else entirely, like:

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