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“April 17, 2000.”

“Now that was a good day.”

“Really? Tell me about it.”

“I woke up at 7:03 that morning to pouring rain. It was a Monday, so I had to get ready for school--”

“--But you didn’t want to.”

“Yes exactly, I was exhausted from the soccer game the night before that ended at 8:23, just a bit too early. We’d won 5-4 that night, it was such an amazing feeling. Afterward my team and I went to get ice cream at the shop downtown, I ordered a cookie dough sundae with no strawberry syrup--”

"--Because it was always just a little bit too sweet, right?"


“What was the color of the bowl you got it in?”

“Red, the color of our jerseys too. Red was lucky to us, and maybe luck is what made us win that night.”

“Maybe it’s luck that brought us together, you and I.”

I smiled. “If it is, then lets hope our luck doesn’t run out.”

She grinned back. “Let’s hope.”



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