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Chapter 1


    Why did I have to be so extra?  Why didn't I just have a party? I had to go to Alaska. Wait you are probably really confused. Let me start at the begging. I was at the airport waiting for our plane, which was delayed because of the weather.  “Flight number 52 to Alaska will begin boarding now” I heard the flight attendant say. Mom, Dad, and I picked up our bags and got on line to bored. Since we didn’t have a baby or stroller we were one of the last people to bored.  When I got to my seat I sat down and put my earbuds in. About 30 minutes had passed when the flight attendant asked which meal I’d like to have. “Umm … may I have the vegetarian option?” “Yes. I’ll be back with that shortly,” she said and walked away.  I looked across the aisle to see my Mom throw me scowl. “We have talked about this. I want you to eat more protein” she said. I rolled my eyes at her as a put my earbuds back in. The flight attendant came back with a delicious plate. It was a veggie burger with a side of fries.  Just as I was about to bite into the mouth watering burger, I felt a thud. How strange, I thought. Then I felt another thud, but bigger. I turned to ask Mom what was going on. I saw everyone looking out the windows, including my Mom. The captain made an announcement: “Ladies and gentleman at this time you must return to your seats, and fasten your seatbelts.  The starboard engine is out and we will attempt an emergency landing.” After that the rest of my memory is fuzzy.


Chapter 2


    I felt something cold on my body.  I opened my eyes to see that I was lying in snow. As I put my hand on my head a winced in pain. There was blood on my hand.  I got up and looked around. There was water nearby. Some people were in it. They weren’t moving. I realized some of the bodies were not completely in tact.  They were in pieces, floating. I must have been flung out of the plane when it crashed. I was losing hope of finding anyone alive when I heard a faint cry. I followed the sound.   It was a baby! He looked about six months old. He was swaddled in a blanket. I picked him up and he stopped crying. I was wearing my purse which had a mandarin orange in it. I peeled back the meaty skin and chewed up some for the baby. The delicious tang and sweet of the orange melted in my mouth. After we wear done I decided we would go to sleep in a small cave I saw nearby.  I sat down and cradle the baby in my arms. Before I knew it he was fast asleep. Shortly after I joined him.


Chapter 3


   When I woke up I was really hungry.  The baby was still sleeping so I decided to let him sleep.  I walked over to what was left of the plane. I rummaged through the area of the wreckage that looked like the airplane kitchen.  I found coffee creamers, crackers, peanuts and some bottled water. I stuffed them in my bag and went back to the baby. He was still asleep.  I took out the food and placed in front of me. I had a lot. Enough to last at least a week. After I was done I was quite satisfied. The baby woke up shortly after. I fed him a mush I made by mixing crackers and creamer with the water.  He ate some and went back to sleep. It was getting dark and I needed to stay warm and make sure my water and food did not freeze. I got out of the cave and started looking for twigs. There were some clothes and matches in some of the luggage I found near the plane. I could use then for the fire. I went back to the cave and made the fire, placing the water bottles near enough to keep them from freezing.  After that I went to sleep.


Chapter 4


    I woke up to the sound of the baby crying.  I opened my eyes to see he wasn’t near me. “Oh no” I thought to myself.  I got up and looked for him. The sun was beginning to rise. A few moments later I found him. He must have crawled out.  After that we ate. Our fire had worked really well. None of the stuff was frozen and we stayed warm. I felt restless just sitting around so I decided to go for a walk. I took the baby and started walking.  I hadn't realized how beautiful it was. The snow was so clean and crisp. The air was so fresh. A few minutes into the walk I thought I heard the sound of a plane or maybe a helicopter. I wasn’t sure. Maybe from the impact of the crash I was hallucinating. The sound started to get louder.  I saw something in the sky. Was I dreaming? I started frantically waving the hand I wasn't holding the baby with. Then a helicopter started to descend from the sky. I moved back and before I knew it there was a man being lowered out of the helicopter by a rope. He first took up the baby, and then came back to take me into the helicopter. When I got in they gave me hot chocolate and asked what I wanted to eat.  “Anything besides crackers,” I said. They took me to the hospital. Unfortunately the baby and I were the only ones to survive the crash. As I was sitting in the hospital bed watching the news, the headline story was “12 Year Old Girl Saves Self & Baby In Deadly Plane Crash.” Everybody says I am a hero. Being a hero doesn’t always feel great, especially when all I can think about is all the other people I wasn’t able to save.  




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