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All Anya ever wanted was to be loved. To be held in her father’s comforting arms, to hold her mother’s warm hand. But alas, wishes do not come true.

After that fateful stormy night, the bullying and abuse had been too much, so she accepted the darkness inside her, giving way to her sins. In her mind, She was not evil, she had just become the best, cruelest version of herselves, letting out all the fury anger in a different way.

She was a shadow, a creature of the night, padding from house to house, demolishing friendships. Anya turned to the darkness, becoming a weapon wielded only by her bitterness. After all, if she couldn’t have a family, and friend, then why should anyone else?

For weeks to pass, she would terrorize families thinking that she was unstoppable. But what she didn’t know was that there was always a light in the darkness, an ember in the ashes.

Her worst enemy was herself. It was the small kernel of good still in her resentful heart. And what she would never suspect, was that that small, teensy kernel of kindness would soon overtake the shadows.