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 a Short Story


There was a girl name Ray that wanted to die, so she didn't tell any one how she felt about her self.  She did nothing about it, so one day she went to school and nobody liked her.  One of her friends that went to school with was there so she was happy to see her.  MK saw Ray and walked up to her and said "hey come on let's go to class" so Ray and MK went to their class.  So when class was over MK saw one of her other friends and ran up to her.

 Ray was confused so ray walked up to them and  the friend said "hey who is that MK?".  MK did not say nothing to her. So MK friend said "who she again?". MK said "I don't know".  So when school was over Ray ran home and crIed her self to sleep.  So Rays' other  friend Chloe called her and said "what is wrong?".  Ray said "nothing is wrong". 

Chloe told her to tell her what is wrong so she did.  She told her that she saw her other friend at school that day and they went to their first class together and after class MK saw one of her friends and when the friend said "who is that?" MK said nothing, after she told what happened they  both said bye and hung up the phone.

Ray went to school the next day, and didn't talk to any body.  After class was over she went to lunch she sat by her self and ate her food, after lunch she went to her next class and it was almost time to go home.  When the bell rung it was time to go home.  Ray had saw MK after school and looked at her and said nothing. MK saw Ray and rolled her eyes.

Ray walked home and thought about killing her self. Ray started looking for her dads' gun and found it and Ray wanted to join her dad. Ray held up the gun to her head and  Ray shot her self. Her mother ran up the stairs to see what had happened and her mother found a note she read the note and started crying. 

The next day when MK came over to tell Ray that she was sorry. Rays' mother came to the door and told her what happened to Ray and MK started crying. Ray went to heaven because she was nice, friendly, careable. GOD had let Rays' spirit come down to earth to look for her mom. Ray would fight the bad spirits away that tried to take her moms' soul.

And some times Ray will look out for her friend too.  MK learned how to be nice to people and careable to people from that day on.


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