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There was a vast forest, surrounded by mountains.  The underbrush glowed bluish from the great trees’ shadows.  There was a rustle from the bushes, and a small dragon crept out from under a pine bough.  His green eyes darted quickly about.  There was a screech from above, and he dove under a bush.

A griffon glided from her nest.  Her feathers silently brushed twigs and leaves.  The smell of young dragon wafted up from the ground.  She peered down. 

The dragon hissed as giant talons parted the leaves.  He cowered low as a large yellow eye stared down at him.  A gleaming beak descended, and the dragon shut his eyes.  He dangled from the griffon’s jaws as they lifted into the air.

The griffon soared towards a cavern at the forest edge.  She narrowed her eyes as she landed on a ledge,  shimmying sideways towards the mouth of the cave.  She slinked into it, setting the young dragon down.  She gazed at it for a moment before bounding back into the air.

Later, an enormous dragon landed, padding towards a hatchling asleep near the cave entrance.  She gently set it back with its slumbering brood-mates.


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