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There is a constant fight inside my head,

My conscience that requires to be led.

I really do struggle to choose the right path,

 In order to avoid the Divine Wrath.

The people who surround me follow the majority,

While I am left to be considered the minority.

If I be like the masses, and just follow,

I will always remain in their shadow.

I am looked upon as a misfit,

When I abstain from the illicit.

It is so easy to be led astray,

And The sense of belonging that will betray,

My religion, my tradition, my connection,

And make me face humiliation and dejection.

This is the ultimate test,

The Lord’s presence I shall manifest.

In whatever means I intend to stay steadfast,

Till I breathe my very last.

And I raise my sinful hands towards the sky and pray,

That when I am called upon on The Judgment Day,

You will allow me to explain,

Despite the evils I committed in vain,

And that towards me You will be merciful,

Indeed your forgiveness will be plentiful!

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