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It smells like construction-

but it’s supposed to smell like the trees fresh and crisp air, like just after a rainstorm, like the first taste of cold crackling ice water at one am when you’re throat is so dry you can barely breathe-


I breathe in the smell of construction.

It smells like a mix of wood flakes and arsenic which makes my stomach sick-


when i feel sick i go to the trees. I lay my head down and rest my eyes and

nature absorbs all of my thoughts and consciousness

and when i wake i no longer have that burning headache.


As i leave i whisper to the trees a soft thank you. They respond only in the form of oxygen and remind me to breathe-


I breathe in the smell of the trees fresh and crisp air like just after a rainstorm-

a cool drop hits my head,

And a cool breeze tickles my nose.

The sun seems to dissolve and dark clouds roll over my head-


A sudden drop.


Then another And another And another


Each one feels like that same first sip

of something you need so badly,

that first taste that lets you finally,


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