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I swooned. I couldn't breathe. Why was I here? Me, the small town girl with glasses that seemed to cover up half my face. What was I doing in Broadway, where anything less than couture was considered cheap. I wanted to run. In my town, the biggest drama was when a boy stole a berry. When I got chosen to play the star role as a fairy in a broadway show, that pretty much brought down the house. Now, sitting there, seconds away from the big show, the only thing I could think about was the ballistics of how far my vomit would fly. In a daze, I walked up to my spot in the center of the stage, the backup dancer following me.. And it was then, as the curtain rolled open, that I asked myself... Do I want to do this for myself, or for my town? I knew I was so passionate about acting. I would not let self doubt ruin it. I busted into my whimsical dance, my legs on fire. I twirled in my blue organza, beaming behind my painted face. I felt like the happiest girl on the planet. I was a star.

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