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You kiss her forehead before school on the freckle by her hairline and you’re already drunk. Wire Man has already left no longer do his bionic hands make and serve you gin & tonics. Drink then sleep. See what’s residing here in the air. See the unapologetic soul and stare. May God bless your monster. Hear the incessant creaks. Drink. You are haunted by you. Walk to the end of the driveway. Welcome her off the school bus. See the sobriety in the edge of your vision. You need to go to the kitchen. Wire Man comes home soon. Wine to cook with, wine to drink. She’s in bed. Drink then sleep. Wake up in your bed. Know she put you there. Know it does not wish you well. Feel Wire Man contorted around you. His bionic hands wrapped around your spine. Cold. Turn. Look. See the cavernous hole in his chest. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. GO Go now. Find her. Hold her. Before it all begins.

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