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At the Christmas party, the guests gathered around Grandpa Joe as he was no longer snoring. His eyes were closed and he was not moving, but they could not hear him breathe. They began to discuss the possibilities of how to handle the situation.

“Let’s just leave him, he might just wake up soon”

“No no we need to take him to the hospital or something”

They were caught off guard when Grandpa Jo gasped for air all of a sudden.

“See! He is alive!”

They began trying to talk to him and ask what was wrong but he did not respond. One began performing the heimlich on him and hoped that they were just in time.

Grandpa Jo then gasped again and a christmas cookie shot from his mouth.

“Busted” Grandpa Jo said.

“Were you seriously acting like you were sleeping just so you could eat a Christmas cookie?”

“Maybe” he responded.

The guest sighed and threw the cookie at him and went back to playing bingo.


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