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I woke up in the morning, but it was odd because I usually wake up in the afternoon.


Something didn’t feel right so I got up and did my normal routine.


I went to the bathroom to splash cold water on my face to notice how beautiful it was outside.


Maybe today was going to be great day.


The day continued, but something just didn’t feel right I had that tingly feeling.


The feeling that the world is going to end at any second.


I decided to go on a run as the bright sun burnt my pale skin.


Today was different because I completed my full run without stopping once.


As I walked back into my house I started hearing voices in my head like little insects running on my brain trying to tell me something.


I didn’t think much of it because maybe I was just tired and needed water.


I left my bright yellow t-shirt outside so I decided to grab the sweaty shirt.


BOOM! Out of nowhere there was a huge shock my bright purple lighting..


The beautiful sunny day turned into a storm.


I liked down at my phone that was gleaming because it was darker than vantablack outside.


My mom rang my phone and the sound of my phone seemed so loud.


I answered to hearing the words “Your dad just died.”


I dropped to me knees and it felt like my body had  just gotten taken over by a demon.


My face smashed into the wet green grass as tears went down my cold skin.


I thought to myself was the world trying to tell me something?


This couldn’t be real I got up and started running for hours through the rain as lighting was exploding behind me.


I looked behind me to see bright orange fire following me.


I wanted to find my dad this couldn’t be the end.


I reached the end of the road to seeing an angel at the end that kept whispering “Wake up.”


It kept getting closer to me as I stood there in shock.


At the same time the fire was burning down my neck.


I felt the angel right in front of my face as I suddenly woke up to my mom saying “Jacob it’s time for school”


It was all a dream.


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