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It was a colder Michigan day in the middle of January. Rainy, with some snow flurries throughout the week, but never got to the freezing temperature of 32 degrees fahrenheit; until today. It was a high of 19 degrees and everything that melted yesterday had freezed over into last night. Roads were bad, car accidents everywhere, but I was craving a slurpee from 7/11. The nearest 7/11 was about 11 miles south. I hopped in my car and headed that way. It took about 25 minutes to arrive because my car would barely reach speeds of 40 mph. I arrived, got my slurpee and as I walk out to my car, I see a long time friend, Jack. All I could focus on was his bright blue eyes. He waves to me and in that moment I didn't see the patch of ice below my feet, until my whole body was laying on it.

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