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Bloodshot eyes and the temptation of steel


Countless nights he has kneeled


Hands clasped together hoping not to feel


The hopeless strings of his heart attempting to unravel


“I’m sorry this life wasn’t meant to be.”


“It’s easy to tell that I’m not free.”


“Stuck in the bounds of this fleshly nightmare.”


“The devil has won and it’s all fair.”


“On the bright side, you won’t have to see me wallow in my own despair”.


“I love you and I hope you go far.”


“I’d love to see you with a house, wife, kids, and a car”


“Just promise me you won’t stroll down my path.”


“Please don’t live in my aftermath.”




The light closed in, his breath now stripped


Hopes and dreams draining out like the blood oozing from his head


A yell of pain and terror


Tears ran out as he looked to find his own error


“Oh god, what did you do? What did you do?”


Dressed in black and white


Hundreds gathered at the loss of will to fight


Only one remained, deep in the cold of night

“Is this what you wanted?”


“Are you happy?”


“You were my brother. We played together we ran together we fought together.”


“Now you just leave? I can’t hate you but I’m mad at you, how could you do this to me?!”


“How could you do this to mom?! How could you do this to Dad?! All of us cared!”


“You took the easy way out and you’re a coward!”


“We had dreams. We had plans. You believed in me so why didn’t you believe in yourself?!”


“You were gonna be a doctor! You were gonna save lives so why couldn’t you just save yourself?!”


“You didn’t save yourself....”


The weight of words crushing through the afterlife


Two brothers, one without a life


Together, they wept in confliction and strife


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