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As we pull up to the school my face feels warm and is getting hotter by the second. My heart starts beating as if I had just ran a marathon, its becoming hard to breathe. I beg my mom to let me stay home I promise her this times its different this time I'm really sick. She turns around pats my head and tells me to get going. I get out the car and my feet feel as if weights are attached to them. I reluctantly walk inside feeling more nauseous than I would if I'd actually been physically sick. I open the big doors and blink and I'm already walking out four years later. All the high school football games, school dances, and weekend driving down woodward with the windows down and music up are over. It's time for the next step as I leave for college I get in the car my face feels warm, my heart is beating fast. The last of my things are in my dorm and my mom whimpers it's time to get going with a single tear dripping down her face.

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