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Slowest Seconds


My Friends and I excited as ever for our annual trip to Northern Michigan was approaching, As the day approached I pulled the short stick and had to drive. Packing the car to the brim with all of our lacrosse equipment filled the car with blood sweat and tears. Getting on I-75 North our trip had begun. As we approached our exit my friend Eddie shouted from the back, “we can stop at my cabin to swim and hit the boat” although it was a detour we headed to Eddies, we arrived to an inviting home on Big Lake.


We dried off and headed back. “Trevor! Look! As I looked up I saw an old lifted rusty Ford pickup truck coming head on, I knew that it was going to be up to me to save my our lives I veered off to the right onto the shoulder letting dirt disperse in the air avoiding the drunk driver we got out as I collapsed to the ground shaking with fear although the moment was just seconds it felt that my whole life flashed between my eyes feeling blessed and grateful for a second chance at life.

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