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Alexis Richley


Creative writing 1

Mr. Lindke

The Wedding day

It was the afternoon, the bride and bridesmaids were ready for the day. Everyone ready to go, walking outside into hot weather. Makeup and hair beginning to ruin in the hot sun from standing there. Looking down at my phone, “ 3:50” thinking to myself shit we’re late. The brides angered mother called the limousine driver he was late. Cramming everyone into a vehicle the stepfather picked us up. As the bride began getting ready she complained to her mother and sister about her wedding. The wedding turned perfect and the after party began. The groomsmen, bridesmaids, and the married couple were at the front of the room facing everyone eating dinner.  The rest of the families were assigned to a table. Most of her family traveled from afar to be at her big day. One second later the bride and everyone else at the table split leaving someone alone and forgotten. Owning the big day, she decided to turn the party into a frat party. The bride started taking shot after shot with her college friends. The girl sitting at the table went up to the bride and said, “Im Leaving”. The bride had no comment and continued drinking.    (200 words not including title)

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