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Ding a ling! It was 2:55 on a Friday, it was the first week of school. The school that Gabe went to was K-8 so they was around 2,000 kids at this big brown ‘Skyscraper.’ Gabe was walking home with his friends they decided they wanted to go to the pool. Jimmy blurted out, “what time are we going? Gabe replied 5:15?” Who wants to ride bikes?” Riley joined.

“Me,” Jimmy piped in,

“Fine I’ll ride with you,” Gabe said, with his snotty voice.

“We taking the mountain route.” They called it the mountain route because you could see the Rocky Mountains from the trail Gabe added. ‘’Meet me at Ryan’s point at 4:45.”

“Got it,” Riley chirped, “See you then.” the three boys said as they split into three directions. By the time Gabe had reached his house it was 3:15.P.M.He pushed the gate open as it creaked. His brother watched from the window. The door sprung open “hello,” Gabe yelled. Ben ran  to the door to give him a hug. He ran upstairs she was in his brother’s room folding clothes, he told his mom, “Hey we're going to the pool.”

“Ok,” his mom said.

The next hour Gabe played some Xbox and then it was 4:30 P.M. time to get ready. He got his swim trunks and flew out the door he was thinking this was gonna be awesome. He got out his bike and made it to Ryan’s point. Riley was just sitting there watching Youtube videos. They saw Jimmy, he was two minutes away they waited for him and then they set off on the trail. The trail took about thirty minutes to get to the pool but it is worth it because you get the best scenic views in Colorado. All they could think about was the beauty the green trees new leaves that had just grown this spring.

The sky was like the ocean, beautiful. About two minutes in they sat down on a bench to talk about what they were going to do. “I’m going to Yellowstone and Water World,” Riley told them.

Jimmy said, “I’m going Cancun, Mexico and The Rocky Mountain National Park.”

“I’m just gonna stay here in Breckenridge. Maybe I’ll go to the ski resort.” Gabe responded. They picked their bikes and started biking, he thought I wish I lived here. Suddenly Jimmy told them to get off their bikes and look at something “wow it’s a snail, I’ve never seen one before,”Jimmy laughed. Then Jimmy loses his balance and fell off but held onto a branch is had  off nooooooooo! Jimmy screamed. He was failing Riley and me looked away in horror. They needed to find a way to get down there. He and Riley rode along the trail till they found a way to get down then finally after they passed the pool there was path downward they went down and then just rode straight but this was probably never been touched before there were fallen trees logs bushes. Things that were giving them scratches and making it harder to get to Jimmy. Thankfully Jimmy was right next to a foot of a hill. They traveled for thirty minutes to get the spot they could see the hill finally. Were about five minutes away when they heard running.

“Jimmy,” Riley shouted. No answer. Then a man came up to him and he didn’t look like a creep he looked normal except for his beard that was growing and his ripped shirt he asked them if they were lost. “No, we are looking for a friend,” Riley said.

“He’s about 5’2 if you see him could you tell him his friends are looking for him,” Riley reported.

“He‘s about the same size as me,” Gabe announced. He walked into the bushes they made our way back to the place where they could get up and travel back home,

“We should not go to the pool,” Riley assumed.

“Good idea,” Gabe added.

Riley and him were riding home when they heard a scream from the cliff. “Jimmy,”  gabe yelled.

“Yes.“ he shouted back.

“Are you okay?” Riley asked.

“Yes,” Jimmy yelled back.

“We are coming down,” Gabe screamed.

“Ok,” Jimmy replied.

RIley and Gabe rode as fast as they could to the spot and rode down and rode through the rubble and kept powering through. They got to the spot Jimmy was and they saw  the guy from earlier. We asked him where’s Jimmy, “Jimmy oh him I took him back to to my home.

“ Can we come?” Riley spoke for him. They walked with the man to his home Gabe noticed his features pale skin with white hairs on his arm. His beard was at least three inches long he’d been down here for a while he’d thought. His clothes were ragged with holes and spurs hanging on his clothes.His brown beard hair was beginning to curl.They finally made it to his home it was more or less a home, it was made of spruce branches and smoke coming out of this makeshift chimney. Behind his house he thought he might of seen bones but he wasn’t sure. He thought was man trying to get the kids killed so he could stay alive when he could just live in society. He walked in the “home” Gabe checked his phone it was 5:30 P.M. They’d ought to get home before their mom’s called their phones. They to told the man that they had to get home for dinner. He looked at us and grinned, “Your not leaving your staying with me tonight,” as he snatched their phones and slipped them into his pocket. They could make a run for it but Jimmy was in a shape to run they were gonna have to stay the night with the man. They could not leave Jimmy behind although he was the strongest he had just fell twenty feet to the ground.  “ Get to bed or no breakfast tomorrow,”he roared. We let Jimmy have the comfy spot on the grass and the man was on his bed on top of us. He went to sleep with one eye open and watched us like a hawk. The next morning he woke them up at around 6:55 A.M. For breakfast they assumed he’d been up for at least two hours because he had already cooked meat ready for us. It was weird he did not look like a person that would kidnap kids but he did it for some reason. He talked to Riley “Maybe he’s just lonely and he needs friends.’’ “Maybe”



“Next time he leaves we have to get Jimmy and leave,”Gabe told Riley.

“We’ll leave our bikes it’s not worth it,” Riley pointed out.

“We can’t risk being here any longer who knows what he’ll do to us.”Gabe realized,.

“ He probably does this to everyone who goes down here,’’ Riley assumed.

They told Jimmy the plan, tonight was the night to escape. They were put to work by the man till 7:00 P.M. Then he gave them supper, it was bark, some meat and some figs. Jimmy’s brown hair had began to become very long enough to put it in a ponytail.The food was delicious and the meat tasted a lot like chicken but where would he have gotten the chicken from. Then it hit him when he was in school he read an article that said that human tasted a lot like chicken he almost barfed. He let Riley know that the meat was most likely human meat how could he have trusted this sick monster of a person. He was killer and he was surely going to kill them in the next days or weeks. They were done and he told them that needed to get some sleep for tomorrow’s work day so they would leave once the man was asleep. They laid there with nothing to do but pick grass. Finally the man was asleep, Gabe creeped through the home and woke up Riley then Jimmy. They walk out with silence, then they heard the creaking of the bed they all jump into a pile of leaves. “Where are you I know you are hiding” “Oh crap, he’s gonna find us and kill us,” Riley weeped.

He saw Riley shed a tear. He was one of those kids that was scared at the littlest things. Gabe’s brown hair was sticking out of the pile, they strategically put this pile of leaves just incase the man heard them. He walked right past them many time sometime crunching leaves right next to Riley. Finally he went back and they decided they were going to make a run for it little did the boys know the man was creeping behind the house ready to strike. They helped Jimmy up and they ran at the same pace as Jimmy then they hear the man running. Then Rawwh, they heard the man scream. “Oh my god” Jimmy fainted. They were connered that had nothing to do so they curled up into a ball. The bears walk over to them and pick them up by their shirts Gabe shined the flashlight at the the man's body mauled, red and bloody who knows what the bears could do to them. The bears were taking the boys to their den. Which was not that far away from the trail home but black bears good run faster for a longer distance so they would be able to catch them and bring them back to their den.

From what Gabe can tell from his watch it’s Sunday at 9:00 A.M. that weren’t that much farther from going to there nice warm comfy homes.

Riley said that he read somewhere that black bears hibernate between September and October. So they would have to just play the waiting game to see when they were going to hibernate which could be a month and a half over the next week we survived on bark and berries from trees which served us well enough to make it through they could tell the bears were going into hibernation that would eat a lot of food and store it in their den. The wind howled like a wolf, trying to find his pack. Finally one morning the bears did not wake up they could go it was beginning to become cold and they had been wearing shorts and a t shirt they had made nights cold and the days pretty warm. Jimmy had gotten back to full health and could run they would just walk to the trail so that they did. The breeze was strong and could push them back on the autumn day but it was manageable for the boys. They walked like giants trying to get past the wind but the wind was not budging and Jimmy could barely walk past the wind they would have to wait till the furious wind stopped and they could get home. Jimmy, Riley and Gabe anxiously as always waited for the whole night and yet the wind did not stop they assumed that school was canceled because people had no way of walking home. When it was getting late the boys decided that they would stay up all night incase the wind slowed down but they realised that it was better to sleep then stay up in the cold. The boys slept peacefully that they would be with their families soon. Except Jimmy he could not sleep a sharp pain came in his leg that had been hurting him the whole time maybe it was not fully healed but his family would take him to the doctor to see what had happened to him. But he still dozed into a sleep the boys had struggled for the past weeks but they all survived and would live to tell the tale. When the morning came the boys ate some berries off the tree they’d been eating off for a while then they were off. The wind was calm and it was about 60 degrees outside so not to cold. Then the boys set off to finally see their families. The boys set off at 7:30 A.M., this meant that they be home by 8:45. They were not going back to the bikes its not worth it but come to think they realised  Jimmy’s bike was still on the trail possibly. But someone would have taken it back to the police station since they were missing and they would send search teams to try and find them. Or some holigan took Jimmy’s bike. They finally made it to the trail up it was steep. It would take us about 10 minutes for all of us to get up and pull Jimmy up to so they helped Jimmy climbed up first. Then it was Gabe’s turn, Gabe knew that Riley was the strongest out of the three. He could pull himself up by himself while Gabe and Jimmy got to there feet. We started our walk home when they heard the rustling of a bush, “ Holy shiitake mushroom,” Jimmy screamed as deer ran off the face of the cliff.

“What just happened” Gabe asked.

“ I think that's the weirdest thing I've ever seen in awhile it just committed suicide,” Riley laughed.

“Wow,” Gabe began.

As they kept walking they saw some kids walking to school they looked like the 6th grader’s. But they kept walking and they come to the intersection were they go separate ways. “Keep me posted, text my mom Gabe says. Gabe walked home in the relaxing morning, realizing that his mom will be to give him a millions kisses. Gabe walks up his front stairs and rings the doorbell and his mom opens the door. His mom makes a big gasp and starts cried and hugged him. His mom says, “Where have you been, I thought you died they already had your funeral.” “No,” Gabe said. “I will tell you the story right now let me take a shower and get dressed,” Gabe addressed his mother

As Gabe ran upstairs he looked in his room and saw his bed and fell into his covers of fluffiness that comforted him. He hopped in the shower and was washing his hair when it came to him that sometimes in life things are going to lead you down a bad trail but the road back up is what fulfills you the most with joy, love  and most importantly all friendship that everybody cares about you. This is what Gabe, Riley and Jimmy thought as they got dressed and went downstairs to tell their dreadful fathers and their caring mothers about what happened to them.


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