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     We are black women


We are black women

That's different than just saying we are women

That's different than just saying we are black

To be black women doesn't just mean our skin is dark but many other different shades,

To be black women doesn't mean we are

harder to approach,

To be black woman doesn't mean we are ghetto

To be black women doesn't mean it's

harder for us to be taught new things but

To be black women means

We are special in every way possible

To be a black women means there's

nothing we can't do,

To be black women means we are capable of

more than they know

To be black women means we are phenomenal,

We are black women

With emphasis of the word black

It's more than just our race

It's a lifestyle we must live,

It's a collection of actions that we have to get used to

It's an expectation that

we must work hard to avoid

We work hard to teach the world what it's like to be black,

Like when you're looked at sideways for walking

n certain stores or when you see a woman

Clutch her purse a little bit tighter

When you get on the elevator,

Or when you are told “your acting white” for

speaking with correct grammar or when you

walk into a room nicely dressed

And see the surprised looks on people faces,

Or when people turn to you in history class

when you are learning about slavery all over


We are black women

And all through our life's

We have to work a little bit harder

To fit in,

It's hard to find our place in the world when

You're the only chocolate chip on a sugar cookie

It's hard to figure out who we are when we're the

sole representation of our race,

Im finding my way through this maze

But some people don't have the support I have

Not everyone have strong black role models in

every part of their life's, not everyone have


That protect them

from things they don't we even see coming not


Have people in  their life's that seen them grow up

And molded them along the way,

Not everyone are exposed to the opportunities

that we have

We are black women

So yes we've heard the calls of guys

on the streets or at the mall

We understand that there's

Something about us everybody wants

and just because we

Got it doesn't mean we

have to share it,

We're seen the way people react when they

hear we going good in school or the fact I'm 17

and haven't done stuff that is “normal” for my


Like instead of going out i like staying at home

reading books,

I get that I'm not like a lot the people around me

But I don't see why it's a problem with that

We are black women

So sometimes it's hard see past what's on the

outside but

Once we’ve given some time to understand the

confusion and dedicated some care

to move forward to the future

Past the concealed,

They'll see that the world

Is waiting for our uprising

the world watches with amusement to see what we shall


They want to know if we will be like others and use

“what God gave us” to make

Money or if we will

Break boundaries and

do something with our life's

To make the world better,

We are black women we are inspiration

To those around us

We are the embodiment of the ideals of our


We are wise beyond our years

We are the joy in our family and friends eyes,

We are the light in a dark room

We are the example for having fire in our hearts

We are the reason to not lose hope

We are the reason why our people is free,

We are the people in their time of need

We are the hard times as well as the good ones

We are the hard work of those who came before us

We are because we are

We are strong, independent

Black women and we are one

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