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Had it not been for the cage, I would have ended up like the rest of the crew. Lifeless, drifting along with the current, and darkened by the shadow of the capsized boat that hadn’t fallen to the bottom. Unfortunately, all coms were down. There was no way to cry for help. The cage was stable though, and the spaces between the bars were small enough that nothing bigger than a cat could enter. I was still terrified. It was then that I was thrown across the cage. As I came to, I found myself in the shadow of the beast that created this nightmare in the first place. It hovered, blocking the rays of the full moon, staring me down with a hungry look in its eyes. It rammed the cage, searching for a way inside, trying to dismantle it. Thankfully, it grew weary after 15 minutes of constant bombardment. It ignored me after noticing the crew, grabbing each of them, sinking into the abyss. Relief was short lived, as I began to lose my breath. All that was in sight grew darker and darker with each exhale, until all was black.

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