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I woke up to the most annoying beeping sound. I smacked John, he woke up.

“What?” He asked half asleep.

“Do you hear that noise?” I asked.

“No, I don’t hear anything.”

The noise got louder.

“You seriously don’t hear that.”

“A little, but just go back to bed, we can find out what it is in the morning.”

I tossed and turned, the beeping sound was all I could hear. I walked down stairs to see what it was and put a stop to it. At the very bottom of the staircase there laid a pager, it beeped, I brought it back up to our room. I sat in bed examining it, John was asleep next to me. On the back, it had written “John. 1 of 9”. The pager went off, buzzing and lighting up. I dropped it. What does this mean? I shook John violently, trying to wake him up. He didn’t wake. Eight pagers rang that morning.


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