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“Stop crying!” He shouted, dragging her by the hand and leading our small group. It was just the four of us. We were the only ones left, and the only ones to make it to the island.

“We have to go back! Don’t you understand? We have to go back!” She shouted back at him. He turned around. Guilt gnawed at him, but worry about what was to come concerned him even more.

“I know, I know, but be strong for them,” he whispered, pointing at us. We then continued with our journey for what seemed like hours. The island no longer had the beauty that I had once admired about it. Instead, it held the promise of loneliness and darkness. We settled down in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. He said that nobody would find us here. He said that we would be safe.

I was violently shaken awake from my deep sleep. “Wake up!” He whispered loudly. I could hear the footsteps and the voices nearby and before my mind could comprehend what my body was doing, we were running. Running for our lives. Trying to run away from the footsteps and voices.


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