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The fire that seared my lips, my eyes, the flame that burned my delicate human flesh, the furious glow, the dangerous heat; it was the very plasma that destroyed me, and yet it was my sole motivation, my desperate dream, my one and only desire until she, my love, introduced herself. Her breath exuded a cool mist and my saccharine love burned for her with all the intensity of a bright bonfire against an inky sky, with all the fragile serenity of a perfumed candle's mesmerizing flame, and all the passionate furor of a dry forest ablaze with smoke and fire.

She was water, and I while I wanted to burn,  her beauty was more captivating than the ocean’s waves, and I yearned for her to quench my longing for fire like a moth yearns to die in the beauty of a bright light. Her presence alone threatened to put out the light of my only desire, and yet I was powerless to stop her, my Star of the Sea, enthralled, bewitched by her very existence. How could an entity, as threatening to me as she, possibly be more than that fire I had dreamed of my whole life?

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