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The sun was setting over the water as the red-head stood with her back to it. She stood perfectly still, her face perfectly emotionless. As she watched, a girl crested the hill, puffing heavily from her exertion. As the new girl looked up, she saw the first girl and agony twisted up her face. “Isabella….” The pain was obvious in her voice.

“Amber,” Isabella acknowledged. A sad smile broke her facade. “It’s wonderful that you will be the one to be here while I do this. After all, it is for you!” She gave Amber a large grin, closing her eyes and tipping her head. A tear slid from each eye. Amber reached for Isabella.

“No, Bella, don’t,” she pleaded, stepping towards her. The wind whipped at their hair. Isabella opened her eyes.

“Sorry, Amber. But hey, smile! That’s why I’m doing this.” Isabella leaned back. “It’s time. Smile for me!” She tipped farther, hair whirling.

“No!”  Amber lunged to grab her, but it was too late. Isabella fell from the cliff, arms spread wide. She splashed into the water far below. Bella fell to her knees, tears spilling down her cheeks. Then, she threw back her head and laughed.


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