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When I wake up, I’m laying on the ground--which was a blinding white. I get up and look around the room; also a blinding white. It was all the same. Is this heaven? I questioned.Then, like a flick of a light switch, the memories flooded back to me. Kawaii bawling her eyes out trying to wake me up and in the background Hunter doing his cocky dance. I forgot what I said before I fell unconscious; whatever I said must have pushed Kawaii to her limits.

Something or someone touches my shoulder and I whip around. A tall skeleton was looking dead into my eyes. He was extremely skinny as well and just looking at him made me shiver. I stare right back at him, nervous. If this guy was about to attack me, I knew martial arts. Anything that he did, I’d stop him.

After a moment of staring intensely at each other, he finally clears his throat. “You’re early, Lite.” I nod hastily. How was I supposed to predict when I’d die? He looked rather disappointed and that pushed me to my limit.

“What is it? What makes you so disappointed in me?” The skeleton gives me this look. Really?

“Put on some clothes, I can’t take you seriously.” He mumbles a spell, dunks his hand into a portal and his hand comes out with my old clothes. He throws them at me and I catch them. He looks away, meaning he wanted me to change into them. I slip on the shirt, boxers and jeans provided, suspicious of his motives.

“Okay, I finished changing or whatever.” I tell him. The skeleton turns and holds out his bony hand. It seemed like his hand was glowing a bright white light, but it was probably because this whole room was a white color. I step up and take it cautiously. He grips on tightly, way too tight for a skeleton’s grip.

“I’m Death. Now to heaven’s judgement we go!” We both disappear in a purple aura.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Heaven was a great place to be. I’ve been here for about 2 years and it’s been a lot better than being alive. I found a group of friends to hang with, I bought a cozy country home and even got a job working with technology. It’s just like the real world, except there aren’t any drug dealers, criminals, or any of that stuff. It was 11:32 and I was about to be late for work. I texted Rob, telling him I’d be a little late and then looked up at the sky.

If you look up at the sky randomly on Earth, then people would think that you’re looking at clouds or something that may not be there but in heaven, it shows if people die. Just last week, my younger sister’s boyfriend showed up on there. They weren’t together for more than a year, so how did I know this?

Once a week, the people from the heavens can visit people on Earth and they can actually see each other. So if we ghosts wanted to stalk living people, we wouldn’t be able to since they have the ability to show up for the living.

Last time I visited my younger sisters, they were getting ready for a school party in their small dormitory. I sat outside, waiting for them to finish and I realized that Kawaii’s stuff wasn’t in their room anymore. When they came out, I asked them about it.

“Why isn’t Kawaii’s stuff in here but she isn’t?” I question. Renaee sighs and looks at me, depressed.

“Well she had a fight with Hunter the other day and she lost. Usually, she wouldn’t run away from a fight like that but there must have been something crazy for the loser.” She dabs at her eyes. “And she never came back.” And that was a month ago. I tried to track her down to see if she was okay, but Kawaii’s name didn’t appear on the automatic teleporter.

My phone buzzed, then again and again until I took it out, frustrated.

Rob: Dude, u gotta look @ the sky. ASAP.

Okay, that was weird. I’ve already checked the sky today but if he really thought it was an emergency, then so be it. I glanced up to the sky to see if anything new was up there.

2,021st Person Dead: Kawaii Isabelle Lycan. My jaw dropped, as well as my Starbucks Mocha Cappuccino. How did she die? Suicide? Murder? HUNTER?

Many possibilities were running through my head, causing me to be even more and more stressed. She’s way too young to die like that. I grabbed my phone and called Rob real quick. He picked up instantly, “Hello?”

“Hi, this is an emergency, I need to find her so I’m taking the day off.” I quickly explain as I dash towards the gates. There’s a long sigh and I stop running, panting. “What? Wouldn’t you take the day off if your true love just arrived in town?”

“Lite, you’ve taken a lot of days off this year,” Rob explains. “Jessica might fire you--”

“If you really wanted me to go to work then why did you tell me to look at the sky?”

He sighs again. “Okay Lite. Take the day off again, but you gotta come tomorrow and maybe on the weekend too.”

“Thanks a lot! Okay, bye.” I hang up and start running again. I must find her. People were starting to arrive to get a good look at her and I pushed past them, hurriedly. I feel like I’m almost here. I’ve never been around this area so I don’t know where people stand or where the newbie arrives--

“Please welcome Kawaii Isabelle Lycan!” Ryan yells into the microphone. Ryan was a good buddy of mine-- his job was to give a warm welcome to all the new coming people. I look around the crowd and then I see her. I see the love of my life-- the one person that would support me no matter what, the one that cried over my death, the one that wiped my tears and pushed me to become a better person. It was her.

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