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As my true love rushed into the room, kneeling beside my hospital bed I knew this was the last time I was ever going to be able to see perfection. With his brown hair, tangling down the side of his face, I finally knew what true love meant. In fact, William was my true love. As the doctors and nurses let go of the oxygen tank I realized that this was the day that I was going to lose all the pain held inside of me. So with the remaining effort that I had in my lifeless body, I croaked my last ever four words, “I love you William.” As I started losing consciousness rapidly, a tear trickled down my face knowing that this was the last time I was going to see my family, and true love ever again. As I brought one last smile to my face, I smiled at the people who meant something to me. At my parents, at my sister, and last of all at William. I smiled at him the longest. And that’s when William whispered in my ear “I love you as well.” The last words I ever heard before losing consciousness forever. 

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