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    The dark, long, shadow slowly creep up closer and closer to me as I peek through the tiny hole in the little closet. My heart is pounding so loudly that you could hear it from 50 miles away. “Tap, tap, tap.” The shadow is gaining its speed as it proceeds towards me. Now the shadow is just a few steps away from the closet. Suddenly, the sound of the footsteps stop with the shadow. The long figure stares right in my left eye through the little hole. I gasp, and all kinds of terrifying thoughts come to my mind. After a few seconds that felt like forever, the figure turns around. I sigh in relief. Right then, the figure looks behind its back and starts running towards me as it bursts open the doors of the closet. With the most annoying, high pitched screech, the tall woman shrieks, “I told you to make your bed!”

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