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“The Disaster Prince”

Once upon a time in a far away land called Æthra, there lived a young Mage-prince. The prince was only an apprentice Magewright, under the tutelage of the Court Wizard, Eromorn. One morning, the prince was sitting on his balcony enjoying the morning, when suddenly, on the horizon, a column of fire erupted in the middle of the village surrounding the castle walls.
"I am Mog'dronoth" the Fire Daemon roared as he started to attack the village.
Knowing his Father, The King of Æthra, would not waste Imperial troops on such a powerful monster, he wondered why Eromorn did not use his considerable power to fight the monster and save the peasants in the village. When asked why he did not use his power to fight the Fire Dæmon, He told the prince that “There are no heroes. Anyone who calls themselves a hero is really just a disaster with a point of view”.
Determined to prove Eromorn wrong, the prince went to the royal library to find a Summoning Book capable of calling a spirit with greater power than the attacking Fire Dæmon. Then, having found a suitable book, he left the library. As he rushed out into the hallway, he was confronted by Eromorn.
“I will not stop you, but heed this warning: whatever noble cause you believe you are setting out to accomplish shall only bring destruction and chaos to this great land.”
Predictably, the young prince paid no mind to the old wizards warning, instead climbing to the top of the highest tower in the castle. Once there, he began chanting the Summoning Spell:
“Thig a-mach! Thig a-mach! Stoirm mhòr de stoirmean! Volta, tha mi a 'gairm ort!” He yelled.
And as he chanted, the sky grew cloudy, and the air crackled with lightning. Suddenly, there was a bright flash, followed by a loud rumbling. A large storm spirit had appeared.
“What mortal dares summon the all powerful Volta?” it rumbled, its voice like thunder.
“Great and powerful Volta, it was I who summoned thee,” the prince said, his voice a whisper on the wind. “And I command thee to defeat the Fire Dæmon Mog’dronoth, who is attacking the village outside the castle walls”
The storm spirit hesitated, and then threw back its head and let out a large, rumbling laugh, which shook the very foundations of the castle.
“Mog’dronoth you say? Why, I haven’t seen him in centuries.”
As the prince regained his balance, he asked quietly “You know of this Fire Dæmon I command you to defeat?”
“Yes mortal, it is one of my friends,” the storm spirit replied, “When friendship suits me, of course.”
“Then again great and powerful volta, I command thee to defeat the Fire Dæmon Mog’dronoth.” the prince said, regaining his composure
Mog’dronoth itself had sensed that a spirit had been summoned in defence of the village it was attacking, and had decided to see who he was going to be fighting. As he approached the castle wall, he saw that Volta had been summoned, and let out a roar of joy.
“Volta, my old friend, how are you?” Mog’dronoth said, completely disregarding the young prince.
“I am good Mog’dronoth, I am good. This mortal here just summoned me to dissipate you, actually.” Volta replied, gesturing to the prince.
By this point the prince was slightly irritated by the fact that no one was listening to him, and was ready for the Storm Spirit to defeat the Fire Dæmon.
“Great Volta, I command thee to defeat Mog’dronoth in combat, and help me save the village.” Yelled the prince
Startled out of their conversation by this outburst, both entities turned to look at the young prince.
“I think not young mortal,” said the Storm Spirit, “Seeing as you did not immediately cast a Spell of Command after you summoned me, I deduce that you are an amature mage, and therefore Mog’dronoth and I shall teach you a lesson. By destroying your petty mortal castle, the center of your petty mortal kingdom.”
The prince fumbled through the Summoning Book, looking for something, anything that could help save the castle. But as the two magical beings turned their gaze upon the castle, the prince realized he had made a terrible mistake. And as the walls of the castle fell under the barrage of lightning and fire, the prince curled up against a wall and thought of his master has said to him earlier that day.
“There are no heroes, only disasters with points of view.” Eromorn had said.
It is for this reason that when travelers pass through the ruined land of Æthra, they remember its long-lost heir, nicknamed “The Disaster Prince”.

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