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The beauty in the small things

is one of the best things to find.

Even if it’s just a bird chirping

or feeling the morning dew on your feet,

the smallest things that bring us joy

are some of the best things in the world.


Sitting on your porch on a summer day,

feeling the midday sun on you skin

after the long day.

As the breeze cools you down,

the sun starts to set.

The flashes of orange, yellow, and red

join in harmony with the clouds  

to display shades of pink and purple.


Laying on the beach with the sun beaming

and the waves crashing on the sand,

puts you at ease and your mind at peace.

The shouts from the Seagulls roaming the beach,

children laughing and playing,

and just the simple thought of people

all in harmony.


As the seasons change and summer turns to fall

we see a different beauty come to play.

The plain green leaves

turn into hues of orange, red, yellow and brown.

Leaves falling from the trees

dance as they fall to the ground.

The sound of laughter and leaves cracking under your feet

echoes through the soon bare woods.

All of things like this bring some of the greatest joy.


As winter comes and makes her stop,

the endless sights of beauty are just beginning.

Looking out my window

to see the beauty of the snow;

the flakes cascading from the sky

blanketing the bare trees.

The beauty of the sun peaking through the clouds

shines on the ice as if diamonds are everywhere.


As winter melts away

spring begins to bloom in all of her glory.

With the sun shining down it awakens everything.

The trees are sent into bloom

and the flowers rise again in all their beauty.

Everywhere you hear the peaceful sound of

animals and children coming out to play once again.

The beauty we are witnessing is the start

of new beginnings.


Beauty is found in so many different places

and different ways if you open your eyes.

The smell of flowers, snow dancing from the clouds,

the waves crashing and leaves falling down;

all of these small changes

all come together to make the world beautiful.

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