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Life isn’t something to be wasted.

It isn’t something you should just throw out like a rotten banana.

People have already tried wasting life,

They just toss it out the window like a litterer does with garbage.

That was a huge mistake of theirs.

Live your life to the fullest!

Make it grand!

Making life greater, doesn’t mean you have to be wealthy.

You don’t have to have fancy things.

You don’t have to try dangerous stunts.

Living life to the fullest means something a whole lot more.

You need to spend time with the ones you care about most.

Try new things and just get out there and be you.


Don’t waste life on trying to be someone that you really aren’t.

Trying to be a different person changes the real you.

Just because your favorite celebrity makes bad decisions, doesn’t mean you have to follow.

Don’t try to manipulate your body, because that changes how your life becomes as well.

Over all, don’t waste life on someone you really aren’t,

Because you were put in this life so you can fulfill it with who you are meant to be.

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