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      The dark hand grabbed the boys by the shoulder and shoved them to the side. The little girl was dropped and plunged to her death. There she laid in a pool of dark red blood.  Long ago in Brookstone, Massachusetts, a family called the Treachmans booked a room at the local motel. It was a large two-story flat building with dozens of doors, rooms, and windows. Just the sight of the old crummy building sent a chill up your spine. You could instantly realize that the motel was in poor condition and desperately needed money. In the family, there was  Mama, Papa, Jenny, Max, and Bryan. Max and Bryan were rough and rude. They would torment their little sister every day with jokes about her and push her into walls. Jenny was high spirited and bright but was as delicate as a flower where as her brothers were as rough as lions. One night the very worst happened.

The manager came to the door of their room and knocked. He was a tall beefy man with an old worn out suit, flaky hair, and a golden front tooth.

“Hello? Anyone home?” The mother ran to the door in a sort of rush.

“Oh, hello Mr. Red. What a surprise,” said the Momma.

“Yes, yes I’m here to talk about your kids.”

“Oh,” huffed the Mama. “What about them?”

“Well, you see they are being too loud. Guests are complaining, the staff is quitting, and it’s all because of your little brats!” The manager was yelling now, spitting out words like clouds do with rain. “Your darn kids are making me lose business, and we can not have that now, can we? So I’m giving you one more night to clear things up or else you go, and so does your family!’’

“But sir I-” But her sentence was cut short when he slammed the door in her face. “Ugh, people these days! Kids get over here right now!” Her kids rushed in immediately. “We have been very fortunate to find such a lovely motel to stay at. But you kids are being way too loud! The manager just came by telling me that because of you little kids guests are leaving and the staff is quitting! Now we only have tonight to turn things around, so you better make the most of it!’’ With that, she stormed off.

A little bit later, Mama and Papa were having an argument about a trip to New York.

“But George, the kids have to come! Why I’ll be dead gone without ‘em!’’ cried Mama.

“Not a chance Martha! If they come then we might as well consider this a nightmare rather than a vacation! Heck, I DON’T KNOW HOW YOU CAN STAND ‘EM!" With that, he marched out of the door and slammed it behind him. The last thing he heard was his wife starting to cry. The kids were so alarmed that they rushed out of the room and bolted around the corner and scrambled up the stairs to the roof. The cold air greeted them like a ghost went through them. Jenny was suddenly tearing up. She knew that her father hated her most of all because she was such a little baby.  Her mother was always yapping about how she loved Jenny so much, and her own father had grown to hate this, and him not wanting to go with the kids just showed how much he hated her.

“Hey, Jenny! Quit your crying little baby!” teased Max.

“Yeah, do you want your mama or your binky?’’ laughed Bryan.

“Stop,’’ muttered Jenny.

“What was that?” asked Bryan.

“Stop,’’ muttered Jenny a little bit louder.

“Can’t hear you!’’ laughed Max.  Little Jenny was stepping back now and getting close to the edge of the roof.

“STOP!!!’’ she hollered. Right that second, she stepped back and started to fall. Her brothers scrambled to her and caught her arm.

“Don’t let go!’’ Bryan yelped, but Jenny didn’t answer. She was too scared that she would fall. She was as pale as a ghost. Her brothers quickly hoisted her back up. Jenny embraced them so tightly that she thought they wouldn’t be able to breathe. Never wishing to let go, until she had that very moment stripped away.

Out of the darkness appeared to be a human cloaked in black. The man in black lunged forward and shoved the two boys out of the way. Then he smiled a twinkly smile at the boys and pushed Jenny off the roof!

“Noooo!’’ the boys plead, but it was too late. They tried to jump at the man, but hope was disappearing, and fear was taking hold.                                               

The hand had shoved Jenny off the roof, and little Jenny fell to her death. The man took one look at the boys and smiled that wicked smile. He was just about to murder them too, but the sirens of the police broke that cold eerie silence. The man took one final look at the boys and bolted off.

“Put your hands in the air!” yelled a cop.  

“But we didn’t murder her!” yelled one of the boys, but there was no answer. Two cops came up behind them, hoisted them up, and put cuffs on their wrists. As they were hoisted up, they saw their dead sister on the ground lying in a pool of blood. The boys were arrested, thrown into juvie like dogs thrown into the doghouse. Even if they were innocent, no one believed them. Not until now...


         Thirty-five years and a couple days later, a twelve-year-old girl named Amelia had solved the mystery of the murder of Jenny Treachman. With the help of Jack Stoneman, they had freed those two men.

   When the Dad had left, he had a little talk with Mr. Red, and they both agreed that those kids were nothing but annoying, obnoxious, little brats. They agreed that Mr. Treachman would pay Mr. Red $500,000 in exchange for Jenny, Max, and Bryan being murdered. Only Jenny had died, and that was fine with Mr. Treachman, as long as the boys were put in jail for ‘killing’ little Jenny. At least that was fine with him until Mrs. Treachman started going to see their boys and complaining about how they should not be in jail. Eventually, Mr. Treachman got fed up with this and called a divorce claiming that all this talk about Jenny and his boys was upsetting him. After a while, Mr. Red was caught having too much money from his motel. He was getting more than he was making. Authorities investigated, and Mr. Red confessed. Mr. Red and Mr. Treachman were put under arrest for the murder of Jenny Treachman.


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