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I was sent to Mars for one reason, and that was research. My team consists of two people not counting me. Edward was one of the two. He has chocolate brown hair, uneasily pale skin with freckles, and has heterochromia with one chocolate brown eye and one icy blue eye. Joel was the other and last to be chosen to come on the mission. He has sunshine blond hair and blue eyes with specks of green in them. When we came to Mars a big sand storm hit. It’s destroyed some of our ship, and that day we found out why they were in such a hurry to send us to Mars. Earth imploded that same day. Remembering this made me start crying.

“Emma, what’s wrong? You were talking in your sleep again.” Someone is shaking me. I open my eyes, it’s Edward. He sighs. He looks fairly considerate. Edward’s standing over me looking at me with a blank expression. Joel is on the other side of the ship sleeping in a bunk bed, the soft lulls of his snores making me sleepy.

“I just dreamed of when NASA cut off the radar when the Earth imploded.” I say this just when tears start running down my face.”

“Oh, it’s okay, we will create a garden and also water so we will be alright,” he says and then hugs me reassuringly.

“Thank you.” I am really missing my family and my home in this moment, and Edward doesn't like to get involved with emotions so this surprises me.

“Any time, Emma. Joel sleeps like a rock, I’m not surprised we haven’t woken him. Well, good night.” Edward got back in his bunk under Joel’s and went back to sleep. I know I have to sleep, because we’re trying to build a garden and make water in the morning. I just can’t fall asleep so I just lie and look at the ceiling until at about one o'clock AM. I fall asleep.

I hear muttering in the other room and blink to clear my vision. When I sit up, I see Edward and Joel talking in the other room.

“Morning guys! What you talking about?”

“It’s nothing, were talking about how to make water.” replies Joel.

“I was looking in the food yesterday and I found sweet potatoes,” Edward looked at my confused expression and added. “We can grow multiple potatoes from one potato with sweet potatoes,” he told me.

“That’s great. Good thing you know about gardening. I have no experience with that whatsoever.” I joked. I was not in the best mood today because I woke up early and went to bed late.

Joel looks at me and then adds “We start building today, so get ready.”

I snap at him. “Okay whatever you want.” Then I glare at him turn on my heel.

I grab my clothes and run to the bathroom, change into my favorite outfit-leggings that are black, a button up shirt that is a teal color, and a RN flyknit Nike shoes. My hair is a natural disaster-dark brown with curls on the ends. I cannot put up my hair if my life depends on it, so I ask one of them to do it.

We start our plants in the ship and then we planted them outside the ship. It was then lunch. We have rationed our food so we don’t have breakfast, we just have lunch and dinner. We only get one cup of rice at lunch, and then one fourth of whatever else we serve at the meal.

I go to sleep early because I need to sleep, I’m so tired. I want to know how to make water on Mars. You  just have to add carbon dioxide from Mars atmosphere and hydrogen from the surface of Mars. You’ll get methane and water. Methane is a gas, it will float away. There I had it, I figured out how to make water on Mars! “I did it I did it!  I can make water on Mars.” I was the smartest one in science in my group at school and that's why they brought me to Mars with them.

“Go. To. Bed. Emma.” Joel is sleeping when I yell out how to make water on Mars, but Edward wasn’t.

“You can do what on Mars?” Edward’s so confused on what I’m saying.

“It’s actually quite simple. To make. How could I be so stupid before. I could take carbon dioxide from Mars’ atmosphere and hydrogen you’ll get methane and water. ” I was very happy to figure this out so we didn’t have to worry about water any more.

“Emma, can we do it in the morning? Please, I’m very tired and you need sleep too along with Edward too. Just write it down if you think you’ll forget it in the morning.” I think he is muttering to himself now but I could still hear him. “Gosh you would think you all are nocturnal.”

I was quite upset because he didn’t take it seriously that we needed to have food and water. “Fine whatever.” I said a little meaner than I meant it to sound. Joel just scowled and got back in bed. I stared at the ceiling for along time so I could dream.

I awoke with a gasp, I didn’t know why I was so startled. Edward and Joel stared at me when I got up and I wondered why so I asked.  “What’s wrong?”

“It’s just that you were talking in your sleep, and we thought you were awake. It was weird you spoke so clearly about the water that you were going to make.” I was so confused of why I was talking in my sleep.  I have never spoke in my sleep before.

“Okay, can we just forget about it. Please I’ll try not to talk about it again.” I could feel the blood rushing to my face that is making me blush scarlet.  I have to change into my clothes today they were blue skinny jeans and I white button up shirt. I rushed out to find my spacesuit to get to work on the water I’m going to make.

I felt their eyes on me as I got into my space suit which was white with orange out lining and white boots. I was so very mad that they were being so weird about it, so I just have to make the water out of the carbon dioxide and the hydrogen. I call the ship. “Can one of you come and help me with my project?” I was unhappy that I needed to have help, but I couldn’t get all the materials within one day by myself.

There was a slight pause to answer. “Yes, I’ll help you.” I wasn’t sure who it was and I wasn’t going to ask, because I didn’t need to waste time and air on that matter.

Joel walks out looks at me and then says “Okay what do you need help with?” Joel looked so confused on why I needed help. Then I remember he was half asleep when I got my idea.

“I need you to get carbon dioxide from the atmosphere you can either go to the cliffs over there.” I pointed to the cliffs that were made of red rocks and sand about a mile or two away. “Or you can find it in the air here. I will be collecting hydrogen. Please do it as fast as possible I need to get to work fast.” I watch him run off into the distance till I can’t see him anymore.  Then I turned to find the hydrogen rich areas of mars. My team and I found out that the darkest spots on Mars have the most hydrogen in the air. I gasp when I hear Edward speaking to me through the radio in my helmet.

“Hey Emma! Get back to the ship I have something to show you.”

I run back to the ship and find that there is a large crater in the ground, I open the door and see something that I will never forget...

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