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Adam Bellefleur

15 January 2019

Blind Magic

I was blinded by the light as the woman held it in her hand. I couldn’t comprehend how exactly she was doing this. I had never seen anything so amazing and spectacular. She then closed her fist around the light. It became dark again. My eyes began to adjust as everything came back into focus. I gazed upon her hand. She slowly opened it up, finger by finger, until I saw the stone that she had held previous to the white light.

“Is this magic?” I asked. The woman then leaned in very closely.

“young man, I think it might just be”.

I was amazed by what I had just seen. She made an ordinary stone glow in her hand. Incredible! As I was leaving the shop I turned to say one last thing. I in turn said nothing, as I realized that I didn’t want to say what I was going to. Standing there in the threshold, I had seen her remove the small flashlight from her sleeve.

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