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As I walked through the door I closed my eyes and took in the sun's rays as the heat hit my cold skin. In that moment I smiled. BANG! A gunshot went off and brought me back to the present. As I started to walk towards my truck I felt strong arms wrap around me to pull me close. I couldn’t help but laugh when he picked me up and spun me around. As he walked onto the field he looked back at me and silently said ‘I love you’. I walked up to the building, as a car I have never seen pulls up the drive. As I walked through the door, I saw the man fighting with an older guy that I knew. I didn’t have to say anything for them to put their attention on me. The man that I didn’t know slowly started walking towards me. I started to back up, but I was trapped. He grabbed my arm and pulled me outside. I screamed. No one could hear me. He threw me into his truck and quickly took off. As we passed the range he saw me. He ran. He was coming to save me.

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