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Haunted Mansion

When Taylor realized that the new haunted mansion attraction opened up she decided to call up her friends and pick a night to go since it was almost halloween. On Saturday,Taylor met up with her group, jamie, sara, and jordan, they hopped in her car and drove off. Thirty minutes later they arrived at Bowman's Haunted mansion. A huge abandoned house stood out at the top of the hill. Taylor and her friends jumped out and walked up to the door to buy their passes. As  they entered the mansion and were given direction as to what may happen, they waited horrified by the upcoming events. The crumbling brick door, begged the girls to enter so they continued. As they walked around the mansion, bright lights flashed on the walls, exposing the splatter and haunted images. Vampires and ghost popped out from the shadows and scared the girls to the point of crying. The ten minute haunting seemed to last forever as they searched for the exit door. At the end the girls heart pounded as they walked out. They knew they weren’t gonna sleep much when they got home that night. (200)


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