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Glow, Glühen, λάμψη, ...


A far away glow permeated the darkness attracting many gazes, but few hands. The dark surrounding the glow twirled around it obscuring the rays of light that made their escape; so dark was it that even the dark itself couldn’t notice a small, pale set of hands penetrating through the darkness. As the small male form grasped the light it disappeared, the dark recoiled in horror as the glow began to illuminate all that surrounded it. The dark attacked the glowing boy, destroying everything connected to him. Blood coated the floors, but the boy stood unmoving, the dark tried reason with the boy as gazes turned toward it; it tried to explain the danger of the light to those around him, but he was immune to any reason given by the dark. The dark grew desperate as time passed and faces turned it tried to reason with the forms around the boy they looked away as he explained the danger, but faces emerged throughout the dark forms and they to began to glow. The dark realized it had lost despite the great effort it had exerted; the dark retreated far away promising to return to the dwindling dark forms in the crowds of faces. The boy looked out towards the many teary faces who now stared back, he looked up as the glow left his body and filled the sky with brilliant light.


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