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“THUD” I hear the sickening sound as the body makes contact with my car. Hold on first, let's go back to the beginning. My name is Madason, I'm 16 years old.  I am a ginger my hair hangs down my back, and it is as straight as a shelf. I am short, I am 5’3 when everyone else at my school is 5’5, so I am short! My eyes are hazel color... My family consists of 4 people My mom (Rylee) she is a stay at home mom, my dad (Blake) he's a retired baseball player, and my older brother (Omar) he’s still in school… and speaking of school, moving to a new high school is hard but adding the fact that I am the only sophomore without her license is even worse. You see, the only reason I don't have my license is that my mom is strict really strict. Ever since I was young, I can't remember a time when my mom wasn’t strict. But lately, ever since we packed up and moved from my sunny and warm town in Florida to the cold, dark Chicago, she’s been acting very paranoid. She’ll be constantly checking my phone and computer, and she won't let me go out anywhere. It's hard to make friends whenever you have a mom like that! So, whenever I brought up how I wanted to get my drivers license like a normal teenager, my mother flipped out. She wouldn’t even let me explain why I wanted my driver’s license as soon as I went up to her and said,
“Mom I want to get my driver's license-”
“No,” she said as she cut me off.
“But mom, you’re not even hearing me out I really think I should be able to have my license!” I say in my defense,
“Madason I said NO, that's my final answer you will NOT be getting your license, end of discussion!” my mom said…
“Fine, I guess I won’t take my test to get MY drivers license like every other sophomore in the entire world!!” I say.
“Madason stops being so dramatic,” she says as she walks out of the room.


As the next day approaches, So does the first day of school...

“MADASONNNNNN WAKE UP… DON'T MISS THAT BUS!!!” My mom yells up the stairs “Great, another year when I have to take the bus instead of driving my car like any other NORMAL 16 year old!” I say under my breath hoping my mom doesn’t hear me. As I start to get ready and start getting dressed I look out of my bedroom window, and see all the cars, and all the drivers are around my age... Not thinking about it anymore, I continue to get dressed and head downstairs to breakfast.

‘’It really isn’t fair how come all the other teenagers have their license, but I can't?” I say to my mother as she hands me my breakfast.

“Madason we’ve already discussed this no drivers license for you!” she says to me... I know I should probably drop the subject now but I can’t!

“Mom, please it’s not fair!” I say to her

“You know what isn’t fair Madason, life!” she’s about to go on but can’t because we hear the sound of the bus coming towards our house. So, instead of arguing I decide to just follow my orders, and get onto the old yellow bus that I've been riding in since I was 5 years old... but instead of just following I decided to make a plan to be a normal 16-year-old, and plan to sneak out during school, and get my license anyway without my mother’s knowing.


Later that day, I finally decided to just cut 7th and 8th hour my best friend Molly and I go to the DMV office in her car. As I step into the office I go and take the written part of the test and just as I am about to finish, I get a text from my mother saying “WHERE ARE YOU?!” I know that I should text her back but I really need to get this license, so I decide to just not answer her and I continue to work on my test. After I finish the written part, Molly lets me use her car to take the actual driven part of the test as the instructor and I go to the car my mom calls me I feel bad, so I decided to just answer

“He-” I say, but before I can continue she’s cutting me off

“Madason where are you?! You know what don’t even answer that you need to come home NOW!” she yells so loud I'm sure my instructor can hear her yelling at me!

“Mom I can’t right now, I’ll be home soon.” I tell her

“ Madason I am NOT joking come home RIGHT NOW!!!” she tells me, but at this point, I am really annoyed, so I just yell at the phone saying

“Mom I honestly need you to mind your own business and leave me alone... you're always being paranoid, and it's very annoying sometimes I really do hate you!!” I end the call and then turn off my phone, so she can’t keep calling me.

“Hi, I’m Ted and today I will be your instructor for your license today!” He says

“Hey, Ted can I just have a few minutes please?” I say to him

“Yes, of course, take your time!” I then go talk to my best friend Molly because I know she can cheer me up

"Are you ok?” She asks me

“Yeah, I'm fine I just had an argument with my mom, and I’m really nervous about this test and yeah,” I tell her

“Madason, I know you’ll do AMAZING on this test just believe in yourself, and don't you DARE doubt yourself, and this argument with your mom whenever you get home just talk to her about it, and I'm sure you guys will be ok!” She tells me making me feel a little better.


I pass my driver’s license, and I am allowed to drive home

“Molly is it ok if I drop you off and go to do some errands, now that I am FINALLY able to drive?” I ask her

“Yeah, of course!” she tells me, so when I drop her off, and I start heading into town. I then decide to turn on my phone, and I have 15 texts from my mom and 8 missed calls, the most recent was about 20 mins ago. My mom was telling me she was walking around 8th street looking for me. I look up and see that I am on 8th street. Then suddenly almost out of nowhere, I see a human I drop my phone, and try to slam on my brakes as hard as I can to avoid contact with the person, but even as hard as I push on the brakes it's too late. I hear the contact of the body against the car. I am shaking as the car comes to a full stop. I instantly know what I did, but I had no idea what to do, so I just wait for 5 minutes deciding what I should do if I stay here and wait for the cops to show up, I could get arrested and never have my license ever again. I could go to jail or I could drive away and it could be a hit-and-run. After debating different scenarios, I finally do the most juvenile thing possible and decide to just flee the season, so I put the car in reverse and I leave. At this point, I don't know what to do, so I just decide to drive around for a while so I can clear my head on what just happened. I run over what I just did I ran someone over They could be dead right now but I don’t know I fled the scene and I could get in even more in trouble for that... At this point it’s 11:30 pm and I head home so I can get some shut-eye. I approach my house with caution hoping my mom is not home, so I won’t get in trouble by her because I was NOT in the mood to deal with that. Thankfully her car isn’t in the driveway, so I go in but as I look in the front of the car I see that the front has blood... All the color in my face drains I am as pale as a ghost. I hurry up and go inside to get the bleach and a rag to clean it I go to the car and I start to clean the blood... The blood of someone that I ran over... After I finish I throw away the bleach bottle and burn the rag. I've seen enough detective shows to know that you need to get rid of the evidence! After that, I don’t know what to do with myself, so I just sit on the couch just contemplating what I should do... I turn on the news and my heart drops as I see the screen it says “BREAKING NEWS HIT AND RUN ON 8TH STREET!” the news anchor says that “Around 10:30 pm there was a hit-and-run and the victim is currently in the hospital, and they cannot reveal their condition at the time as it is a developing story.” I decide to weigh my options I can turn myself into the police or I could just pretend as nothing happened... Both choices are very difficult finally I decide I should just come clean but first I need to call my mom so I can apologize I head to my phone and call her but then my call gets forwarded that's funny I say to myself my mom NEVER forwards ANYONE’S calls... But I just shrug it off thinking she's probably just blowing off steam and is mad at me for the comments I made earlier. I decide to go to sleep and I'll talk to her about it in the morning.


The next morning, I wake up, and I am feeling horrible not only mentally but physically as well whenever I slammed on my brakes my seat belt automatically locked and the airbags deployed and I ended up hitting my head on the steering wheel pretty hard and for the mentally part of it I still can’t wrap my mind around that I just ran someone over. As I head downstairs to tell my mom about what I should do I see that she’s still not home. But not thinking much about it I just decide she may be picked some extra hours. Then suddenly I hear a knock at the door it's currently 8:15 am so I have no idea who could be here this early as I open the door my heart starts racing as I see 2 police officers standing in front of me my mind automatically thinks that they caught me on tape of the hit-and-run that I committed but instead they say ask if they come in and take a seat I reluctantly agree. As they sit down I can see that they're expressions are very solemn my mind starts racing at the different possibilities that could be happening but what they said next was something that I would never imagine!

“Hi we regret to inform you but your mother was the victim involved in the hit-and-run yesterday... She's alive, but she's barely hanging on… im- im sorry miss” Times seems to stop for a long time they take that as an opportunity to leave me in peace. At this point I'm hysterical I can’t imagine that the person I hit yesterday was my own mother!! They said she's barely hanging on, so I grab my coat and keys and head out the door im racing along, and I am burning rubber as I pull into the parking lot. I rush into the reception office and ask for my other they tell me the room she's in, and I am in tears running as fast as I can. But nothing could have prepared me for what I saw my mother looked small and fragile in the large white bed with tools coming in and out of her body... As I come in I am fortunate to see her eyes flutter open so delicately

“mmommm,” I say but I know that I won't get a response back... “I'm sorry mom I truly am you know I don’t hate you I love you more than anything mom please don’t go don’t leave me I need you…” I say to her as she reaches for a notepad she scraggly writes 8 words on the board she writes

“I love you... And I forgive you goodbye” then my stomach drops when I hear the EKG machine as it flatlines then almost as on cue doctors and nurses rush out of thin air I hear them mumble to one another that “it’s too late and that my mother's gone.”


The End.


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